Peter Verbakel and Rosalie Winter from Kumbia Neighbourhood Watch with Snr Constable Dan O’Hara (Dalby-Burnett Crime Prevention Co-ordinator), Constable Jennie Bride and Snr Constable Dan Walters show what anti-theft number plate screws look like on a vehicle front-end donated by Huston Motors

November 11, 2020

The last time Kumbia Neighbourhood Watch decided to “Turn The Screws On Crime” in the South Burnett, the Kingaroy event proved very popular.

So they’ve decided to do it again after a longer-than-expected break caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

For a modest $3 per vehicle, drivers can have their vehicle’s number plates refitted with special anti-theft screws which make it extremely difficult for number plate thieves to make off with them.

The fittings will take place on a vacant lot next to Repco in Youngman Street, Kingaroy this Saturday morning (November 14) between 8:30am and 11:30am.

Kingaroy Police officer-in-charge Snr Sgt Dave Tierney said while number plate theft wasn’t an everyday crime, it certainly happens.

“You’d be surprised how often we call people because someone took off from a petrol station without paying, using their number plates,” Snr Sgt Tierney said.

“When we call them, they usually have no idea their plates were taken until they check their vehicle.”

Thieves target number plates for many reasons: to disguise vehicles during petrol drive-offs or other crimes, and in the vain hope that police won’t notice the wrong plates are fixed to an unregistered vehicle.

The theft always causes a headache for the car owner: new plates have to be bought, insurance companies notified … and then there’s the speed camera fines which can arrive in the mail.

The way to beat number plate thefts is with special anti-theft screws.

These can be tightened but cannot be removed except with special tools (and no, you can’t buy these tools at your local store!)

On Saturday, Kumbia Neighbourhood Watch volunteers and Queensland Police will be happy to put one-way screws on as many vehicles as possible.

And for $3, they’re probably the cheapest form of car insurance on the market.
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