ALP candidate Mark Stapleton’s warning sign on a corflute on the Bunya Highway

October 20, 2020

Two candidates running for the seat of Nanango at the State Election have complained publicly about interference with their roadside corflutes.

A corflute belonging to the Labor candidate Mark Stapleton, erected at the intersection of the Bunya Highway and the Wondai-Proston Road, now bears a warning sign alerting would-be vandals of “hidden cameras”.

There were no other candidates’ corflutes in the area on Tuesday afternoon.

One Nation candidate Tony Scrimshaw has also complained about interference with his corflutes.

In a post on Facebook (see below), Mr Scrimshaw warned he had reported the removal of signs “to the councils and police”.

“We have also installed several cameras so if you continue to pull down the signs please be aware you could be caught and prosecuted,” Mr Scrimshaw wrote.

UPDATE: The LNP has reported that one of their signs in the South Burnett was vandalised on Tuesday.

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2 Responses to "Would-Be MPs Warn Vandals"

  1. Ray  October 20, 2020

    Why is it legal for political parties to install their signs on the roadside which is public property when any business or individual who attempted to do the same would be fined?

    Because political parties make the rules and can do almost anything they want.

  2. Michelle  October 21, 2020

    Political signs are only allowed after the candidate/party make application to Council and pay a fee. There are strict rules in relation to having signs, likes not being nailed to any trees, how long after the election they should be removed etc.


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