Gympie Regional Council has confirmed work on reopening Goomeri’s swimming pool will begin before the end of October (Photo: Gympie Pool)

October 16, 2020

Work on upgrading Goomeri’s troubled swimming pool is expected to begin before the end of October.

The pool has been closed all this year.

Mayor Glen Hartwig said the internal condition of the pool’s pipework had now been inspected using a special camera.

The filtration system had also been pulled apart for inspection.

The Council now plans to reline the pool and follow this with a pressure test of the filtration system.

“There’s no doubt we want this pool open for our community as soon as possible,” Mayor Hartwig said.

“But we need to get this right – we need to understand the work that is needed and the true cost.

“What we don’t want to do is set an expectation that we can’t deliver because it sounds good – I think the community has had enough of that.”

The Mayor said he and his fellow Councillors were now focussed on finding the best ways to restore the delivery of basic core services.

One example of this was a recent Council decision to return to crushing its own gravel in Kilkivan.

“We already own the gravel pit site, and this simple change will save money,” the Mayor said.

“It means we do not have the large cost of transporting gravel from Gympie to roadworks out in the west.

“It’s a simple change and a smart move.”

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