The Cherbourg Radio team … from left, Michael Monk, Tara Priestley, Shannon Keyes, Arlene Langton and Kimberly Barrett
What it’s all about … Kechuan Gyemore, 3

October 14, 2020

Cherbourg residents gathered together on Wednesday after a tough year in the community to pause, yarn and “heal”.

The “Community Healing Event” event at the Cherbourg Sports Centre – part of Mental Health Week activities – was organised by the community’s radio station, Cherbourg Radio, in conjunction with APM NDIS.

Cherbourg residents endured the toughest COVID-19 restrictions of any community in the South Burnett earlier this year, with special passes required to enter the town and restrictions on who could leave.

On top of this, there has been too much sorry business … including young deaths that have hurt too many families.

The aim of the day was to encourage local residents to get together to support each other, relax and enjoy some free entertainment.

There was face painting for the children, kids’ activities plus performances by the Wakka Wakka dancers, Murgon State High School’s “Mob Choir” and Muddy Flats.

Cherbourg Radio broadcast live from the event and invited guests on air to share positive thoughts as well as moving stories of loss and grief.

Local resident Bronwyn Murray had a simple message for listeners … every day should be RUOK day.

“When you wake up in the morning, asking RU OK, just saying ‘good morning’ makes a helluva difference! It makes your family know they are wanted and acknowledged,” she said.

Waveney Yasso, from the Queensland Music Festival (QMF), has been working with the Murgon State High School Mob Choir
Radio station trainee Shannon Keyes with announcer Arlene Langton
Taituuga Kitch (“MC Kitch”), from QMF, shared some Samoan rap
The Murgon State High School Mob Choir performed twice for the crowd
Bevan Costello and Rocko Langton, from Muddy Flats, also shared some music
Tarlissa Watcho and Jessma Missi, from Hippy
Shauni Stanley and Sharon Sippel, from Nurunderi TAFE
Mischa Fisher and Joanne Simpson, from Queensland Health
Jeanette Brown, Bronwyn Murray and Eileen Brown
Tanya Alberts (Youth Justice), Tricia Alberts (Murgon State High School) and Gordon Wragge (Youth Justice)
Some of the crowd that gathered to watch the Mob Choir in action

* * *

Wakka Wakka Dancers

The Wakka Wakka dancers shared culture to an appreciative audience …

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