Trinity Miller and Chase Baxter cut a dash on the red carpet
Jess Cunningham and Damien Martoo kept up the commentary as the students arrived

September 18, 2020

The glittering gowns and stylish suits were there, and the smart cars were there … but COVID-19 meant the crowds that usually packed into the Glendon Street Forecourt were missing at St Mary’s Catholic College’s annual formal on Thursday night.

The COVID Safe plan adopted for the night meant only a handful of people were allowed to watch the red carpet arrivals.

And the students, usually greeted by a phalanx of photographers, were left more or less in peace to stroll up the carpet and into Kingaroy Town Hall.

The arrival was livestreamed by P&F president Damien Martoo on the school’s Facebook page so proud parents and friends could watch from the safety of their homes.

Damien and teacher Jess Cunningham kept up a stream of commentary about the cars and fashions as the vehicles rolled in to discharge their occupants.

Unfortunately, the same COVID Safe rules that kept the forecourt empty meant couldn’t be there. But by all accounts everyone had a great night … and a big thank you to John Dalton for supplying the photographs!

Oliver Hams arrived in a fully kitted out – and spotless! – Jeep
A classic Corvette was the mode of choice for Guinavere Vanstan

* * *

Gallery Of Photographs

Jessica Taylor and Thomas Kelly

Joseph Whalan

Grace Christoffel and Lachlan Whitaker

Alyssa Hetherington and Mitchell Bond

Shonae Walker and Cory Neal
Georgina Blanch and Dylan Millers
Zak Hartman and Grace Wells
Dawn Druery and Conan Holding
Devynn Pomerenke and Scott Howsego

Jackson Kelly and Sophie Weier

Meg Wernecke and Angus Freeman

Charmaine Hunt

Elizabeth Watson and Callum Burt
Kade Davison and Chelsea Finney
Tekeita Wiley and Bayla Early
Courtney Boney and Hayden Boney

Crystal Davies and Jacky Xia

Jordyn Soley and Kyron Clegg

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One Response to "Stylish Night With A Difference"

  1. Bronwyn Marquardt  September 19, 2020

    Thank you for providing such a lovely report and gallery photos for friends and family who were prevented from attending due to Covid. Your publication is the only one to have provided coverage of this event in a timely fashion, and for free. Your continued support of our community is much appreciated. Photo coverage of school formals in the South Burnett have always been available free of charge, and I’m glad that at least one publication, South Burnett Online, continues to make this happen.


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