The Wivenhoe Dam pumping station … TRC is now saving money on power costs (Photo: TRC)

September 17, 2020

Toowoomba Regional Council will save about $71,000 a month after negotiating a new contract linked to its use of water from Wivenhoe Dam.

The new contract with Wivenhoe Pump Station – which pumps water from the dam – means a more than 30 per cent reduction in electricity costs.

Cr Rebecca Vonhoff said the savings were great for ratepayers and Council’s bottom line.

“The pipeline has allowed us to preserve our water supply during this ongoing drought,” she said.

“With the combined dam levels currently sitting at 32 per cent, if we didn’t have this additional source of water our region would be in a much more dire situation.

“Our location at the top of the Great Dividing Range means we must generally move water uphill, and that’s expensive.

“Under the existing Wivenhoe agreement, Council can pump 10,000ML each financial year.

“Any cost savings that Council can make without service loss is a win for ratepayers, and our bottom line.”

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