Joseph Smith and Kaylah Mathews were dressed to impress when they arrived at the 2020 Nanango State High School formal 

September 11, 2020

The South Burnett’s formal season kicked off in style on Friday night with Nanango State High School students rolling up to the school auditorium for their special night.

Like just about everything else this year, the Year 12 formal was a different-style event due to the pandemic.

There were no crowds lining the red carpet and there would be no dancing … still banned under COVID-19 restrictions.

But a handful of family members turned up to take photos. They stood around in small groups – socially distanced – and clapped as each of the students arrived.

At one stage earlier this year, everyone wondered if the traditional school formals would still be able to go ahead – after all, schoolies had officially been cancelled.

But with COVID Safe plans in place, all the South Burnett high schools now have dates pencilled in.

The Nanango students, decked out in ballgowns and suits, had big smiles as they walked up the red carpet into the hall.

They arrived in a myriad of vehicles, ranging from farm utes to 60s muscle cars, a Kombi van, moped and even a high-tech Tesla.

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Looking back on a very different year … Principal Darryl Early and Year 12 co-ordinator Kath Kerrison
Teachers Courtney Green and Nathan Trace were doing the commentary as the cars arrived
Natasha Wolski and Deklan Grover arrived country-style in the tray of a Ford Ranger 4WD
Ford fans were blown away by this “Gone In 60 Seconds” Eleanor-style Shelby Mustang which brought along Taylah Kidman and Roy Dent
While fans of the General were drooling over this 2020 black Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 which carried Kaylah Mathews and Joseph Smith
The oldest vehicle on the night was this 1949 Ford Custom single spinner which conveyed Robyn Sawtell and Sydney Smith
Tyson Trace made Nanango SHS formal history by arriving on this red moped

* * *

Gallery Of Photos

Hayden Harch and Kirsten O’Connor
Jesse and Shontae Ansell
Carla Taylor and Cooper Bosel
Roy Dent and Taylah Kidman
Emily Jaye McKenzie and Austin Jensen
Natasha Wolski and Deklan Grover
Jessica Frohloff and James Packer
Cloe Jarrett and Zac Hartman
Daniel McConnell
Holly Heilig
Jack Daly and Karni-Rie White
Mitchell Shepherd
Georgia Kingston and Caylem Goetze
Seth Buchholz and Danika DeWeers
Chloe Chudleigh and Emily Shelley
Sydney Smith and Robyn Sawtell
Jake Duncombe and Kaycee Barron
Bailee Neilen and Mariah Smith
Jeffrey Middleton and Bethany
Emily Copas
Hayden Jones
Emily Robinson and Aidan Cavanough
Wilson Wild and Hannah LeStrange
Shiloh Cannell and Clay Thompson
Ryan Harper and Hayley Stephens
Tyson Trace
Nicholas McIvor and Danielle Mansfield
Maegan Mathews and Jayden Santana
Dylan Thompson and Virginia Armstrong
Emily Gullen
Dahlia Hilliard
Josephine Andrews
Lucien Lepomme
Louchlayn Roberts
Michael Taylor
Cliff Reiser


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  1. Bernadette O’Neill  September 12, 2020

    Congratulations Year 12 Nanango High School students, staff and families. Everyone looks so nice and happy. The girl’s dresses and the boys suits are just stunning. You all should be so proud of yourselves. Thank you for sharing your smiles and special moments. Best of luck to you all. 👏👏👏👏


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