August 27, 2020

An exemption to border restrictions was approved last week for some Queensland and NSW farmers and agribusiness workers.

The new exemption covers people performing essential agribusiness services for the agriculture supply chain, conducting farming activities, providing timely veterinary services and caring for livestock.

It began on August 22 and is valid for one month.

People wanting to invoke the exemption must complete a written Queensland Border Declaration Pass upon arrival at the border as well as provide supporting evidence.

A separate exemption process remains in effect for workers providing a service critical to Queensland, such as food processors or agribusinesses that are outside of Queensland or NSW. This is an electronic application process.

More information about both be found online

Exemptions are also in place for transporters of freight and logistics to ensure the delivery of essential food and supplies. These people will need to complete a Queensland Border Declaration Pass, keep records of contacts and remain isolated from the public as much as possible.

The above exemptions do not extend to seasonal workers.

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