A screenshot taken on Thursday of the new Optus Network Experience Map on the Optus website
August 20, 2020

Telecommunications company Optus unveiled its new Network Experience Map (NE-Maps) on Thursday to help customers raise issues about the company’s mobile network.

Optus customers can now pin their location on the online map for real-time investigation of issues such as outages or network congestion.

Spokesman Charles Weiser said he was thrilled to be expanding Optus’ range of services to improve customers’ experience and make sure they can escalate a mobile network issue without any hassles.

“We want to make sure any issues with our mobile network are resolved as soon as possible and through NE-Maps we can now do this in real time,” he said.

“Until now, the only way customers were able to provide network feedback or log a fault was by contacting us directly.

“We know that network issues can be stressful for our customers and we want to reduce this as much as possible, which is where NE-Maps comes in.

“Customers simply have to pin the location on the map and opt in for alerts to stay informed of how we are progressing with their enquiry.

“We have designed this platform to be simple for our customers to navigate, with the aim of bringing our mobile network closer to them.

“We believe NE-Maps sends a clear message that we take our customers and our network performance seriously and they can have peace of mind knowing their concerns can reach us instantly.”

Footnote: The new Network Experience Map is currently showing an Optus mobile phone outage across the South Burnett due to work being undertaken on a mobile tower.

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