The Aussie Land and Livestock team had a busy week … cattle numbers were down over the past fortnight’s sales, but prices continue to remain firm
July 30, 2020

by Aussie Land & Livestock

A yarding of 340 head was on offer at the Coolabunia cattle sale on Tuesday, July 28.

Bigger slaughter cattle sold to similar rates as last sale with vealers stronger.

The market for lighter weaners and cattle to background was significantly stronger with competition from locals, Western Downs and NSW buyers.

Coolabunia Sale Results:

  • A good line of Droughtmaster weaner cattle from the Brisbane Valley saw very good rates – the weaner steers sold to an average 454.2c/kg and $830/hd across the entire run and was sold to a local buyer.
  • The same vendor’s good heifer average across the lot was 382.2c and $720 per head, selling to NSW interests.
  • A good run of Santa steers from Nanango averaged 424.2c to $1051, and heavier weaner Santa Steers averaged 396.2c and $1058.
  • The same Santa heifers made 362.2c and $1011 per head.
  • A good run of Angus cross light feeder steers with 2-4 teeth from Mundubbera averaged 362.2c and $1191 pewr head, with a North Burnett buyer taking the entire run.
  • Not many heavy cows were penned but cows with good coverage to suit the meatworks, those on offer sold from 262-251c across the board, while store cows sold in the 180-240c range.
  • A few cows and calves were penned with the Droughtmaster cows and calves selling for $1800 per unit.
  • A run of very light condition Angus cows with little calves sold very well considering their condition – the first 3 pens made $1700 per unit and averaged $1650 per unit overall.
  • Very light Angus PTIC cows sold for $1300 per head.

Coolabunia Market Analysis:

  • Steers Up To 200kg: $507.79 to $892.50 (avg $738.97)
  • Steers 200-300kg: $238.04 to $1072.55 (avg $868.15)
  • Steers 300-400kg: $547.59 to $1249.59 (avg $1022.18)
  • Steers 400-650kg: $1527.59 to $1527.59 (avg $1527.59)
  • Heifers Up To 200kg: $332.20 to $719.81 (avg $565.41)
  • Heifers 200-300kg: $281.32 to $1011.14 (avg $803.83)
  • Heifers 300-400kg: $1007.75 to $1007.75 (avg $1007.75)
  • Cows up to 400kg: $551.88 to $681.72 (avg $616.80)
  • Cows 400-520kg: $1155.88 to $1233.44 (avg $1182.16)
  • Cows Over 520kg: $1298.50 to $1484.65 (avg $1364.71)
  • Bulls Up To 450kg: $1304.74 to $1304.74 (avg $1304.74)
  • Bulls Over 600kg: $1816.08 to $2017.44 (avg: $1908.44)

The next Coolabunia Fat and Store sale will be held on Tuesday, August 11 at noon.

A Charolais Bull Sale will also be held on August 13 and a Limousin Bull Sale on August 14 – contact Aussie Land And Livestock on (07) 4162-2233 for more information about these.

Cattle buyers buyers Rhett Mobbs and his son Brendan came to Coolabunia to inspect the stock on offer

* * *

Murgon Fat And Store Sale

Murgon combined agents held their fat and store sale on Tuesday, where yarding numbers were back to 500 this fortnight.

The market remained fully firm on the last sale.

Cattle were drawn from Gayndah, Mt Perry, Nanango, Kingaroy, Kilkivan and the Murgon dustrict.

Murgon Sale Results:

  • Heavy bulls topped at $2.94/kg and $2690
  • Bullocks sold to $3.40/kg and $2310
  • Heavy cows over 500kg topped at $2.79/kg and $1740, averaging $2.68
  • Cows 400-500kg sold to $2.75/kg for a $2.39/kg average
  • Lighter Cows under 400kg topped at $2.43c/kg
  • Export heifers sold to $3.11/kg and $1550
  • Hereford steers from Manumbar sold for 3.59/kg and $1855
  • 445kg Charbray steers from Gayndah sold for $1610
  • Charbray weaner steers from Murgon sold for $3.93/kg, returning $794
  • Two pens of local Braford steers sold for $3.85/kg to return $1217 and $1075
  • Brangus cross steers from Tansey sold for $3.69/kg at $1204
  • Droughtmaster cross weaner steers from Manyung sold for $3.80 and $970
  • Droughtmaster weaner steers from Goomeri sold for $3.83/kg and $830
  • Local Droughtmaster cross weaner heifers sold for $3.49/kg, returning $846
  • Euro cross weaner steers from Windera sold to $3.80/kg and $900
  • Santa cross heifers from Memerambi weighing 343kg sold to $3.56/kg at $1220
  • Charbray heifers from Gayndah sold for $3.35/kg and $1270
  • Charbray weaner heifers from Gayndah sold for $3.63/kg at $726
  • Charbray heifers weighing 313kg from Murgon sold to $3.34/kg and $1050
  • Other Charbray weaner heifers weighing 276kg sold for $3.40/kg at $941
  • Cows and Calves sold to $1340 per head

The next Murgon Sale will be held on Tuesday, August 11 at 8:00am

A pen of Charolais Droughtmaster cross steers wait to go under the auctioneer’s hammer

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