The South Burnett Regional Council team have adopted their first Budget since being elected in March 

July 15, 2020

South Burnett Mayor Brett Otto delivered the annual Budget Address ahead of the adoption of Council’s 2020-21 Budget on Wednesday morning.

The other Divisional councillors then spoke to the Budget.

While supportive of the document, some expressed caution about the decision to adopt a “zero increase” in general rates.

But despite their misgivings, the Budget and all its associated documents were passed unanimously.

Listen to the various speeches below:

One Response to "What The Councillors Said"

  1. Julia  July 15, 2020

    Mayor Otto delivered the news they won’t put up rates they will leave them at 0 % increase but other charges will rise and property owners who received large land revaluations prior to last year’s Budget will continue to see their individual rates bills go up. He claimed the valuation system has changed so if your valuation goes up so will your rates, well well no surprises there. The water standpipe water costs went up despite community backlash, so much for listening to the community or the advice from the local MP for that matter. Where is the empathy / compassion /consideration when many are suffering due to drought & job losses with Covid-19. Times are tough alright, you want to take more money off residents, how about you take some off those generous wages we pay you and live on a lessor wage.

    Councillor Henschen found his strong voice this morning and spoke about his concerns and debate around the table, that we have to work together and be positive. He says there is so much negativity out there that it can be really disappointing. He wants to go forward being positive, and further stated he urges people to stay healthy and be positive as we have a great future ahead of us. Councillor Henschen, perhaps if we had positive leadership, or a Councillor that actually turned up to the community for a meet and greet for a healthy debate around the table with local residents and consultation on matters residents might have a little faith and more of a positive outlook.

    Maybe Councillor Henschen you should ask yourself the question why you receive the negative feedback and look at how you treat people in your division. Maybe next time you’re at the markets stop and talk to people instead of walking by and ignoring locals especially stall holders who donate their time to promote community awareness projects such as mental health issues. Take an interest Councillor this is after all your Division!

    Through the election campaign Councillor Henschen repeated the saying on FB, “Let’s start a conversation about the issues that concern you.” The Councillor made many statements throughout the campaign which he has not stood by let alone started any public consultations / conversations with the people of Division 6 but I guess it’s easy to say something when you have a professional marketing person writing all the material for you. I think “The Henschen Camp” promoted the wrong person to run for Council. I do not recall seeing any announcements or FB posts for Councillor Henschen attending Division 6 for any public consultation or meet and greets with the general public since being elected. I guess he’s lost his marketing person who spruiked his strong voice.

    Some advice to the Mayor and fellow Councillors, you keep praising each other for doing a great job, that’s your opinion, and this is mine! If you were all doing such a great job the Mayor and fellow Councillors wouldn’t be copping so much flak across social media platforms. Can we also have a little less of praising of each other’s ego’s as it’s really starting to wear thin. Unfortunately, we voted for this council, I admit I voted for Mayor Otto and Councillor Henschen on recommendation, something I sure do regret and now we have to suffer the consequences. This current council really need a reality check, many of the South Burnett Region are extremely disappointed with you all and the community will judge your performance now and for the next four years and vote you out if you don’t shape up and others will stand against you and replace you.

    Four years Mayor Otto and fellow Councillors. Four years, the people will not forget!


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