A public meeting to look at future water supply options identified by the $2 million Burnett Water Feasibility Study will be held in Kingaroy next month
South Burnett Mayor Brett Otto

June 26, 2020

A public meeting will be held in Kingaroy next month to discuss the options put forward as part of a $2 million study into the Burnett region’s future water needs.

The meeting will help refine recommendations for future South and North Burnett projects.

The Burnett Water Feasibility Study, funded by a Federal Government grant, is being carried out by consultants Jacobs Engineering.

One key difference between the two regions noted so far is the lack of urban water security in the South Burnett which has led to frequent water restrictions.

The study also found that agriculture in both regions would benefit substantially from greater water availability, but consistent supply was necessary.

The study identified 23 options to address this, ranging from building a pipeline between Paradise Dam and the Boondooma-Tarong pipeline through to raising local dam walls and building Barlil Weir.

It also recommended changes to government regulations in a number of areas.

On Friday, South Burnett Mayor Brett Otto welcomed the completion of the study’s first stage.

“The initial Strategic Business Case has identified strong potential to develop our region’s economy and make a more significant contribution to Queensland’s Gross Domestic Product,” Mayor Otto said.

“It provides a roadmap for the development of water infrastructure needed to open up our region’s potential for agricultural and industrial development, and population growth.”

The Mayor said the study had found that that even if all the region’s existing dams were full, the South Burnett still lacked sufficient water to grow the economy and create more jobs.

“We need to increase the total volume of water allocation available in the South Burnett, which will bring growth and enhance liveability for the region,” he said.

“Some of the identified options in the South Burnett include constructing the Barlil Weir, sourcing water from Wivenhoe Dam for Blackbutt irrigators, and converting Gordonbrook Dam to irrigation use, subject to additional water been purchased from Boondooma Dam.

“These are exciting and region transforming options, which could enhance urban and rural liveability and economic potential for generations.”

Council now wanted further community engagement for the next stage of the study.

“Currently, Council is working in partnership with the steering group to discuss how viable projects can progress, and how to create a roadmap of economic development opportunities.

“This study has been a great opportunity for our region, and Council continues to work in partnership with other stakeholders to ensure we receive great outcomes.

“Jacobs will be back in the region soon and are keen to hear feedback on the first stage of the initial strategic business case.”

*  *  *

The Project Update Evening will be held from 5:30pm on Wednesday, July 8, at Kingaroy Town Hall.

To comply with COVID-19 protocols, guests should register in advance by calling the SBRC on (07) 4189-9100 or by email

A Skype teleconference will also be available on Thursday, July 9, for those unable to attend the Kingaroy meeting.

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