South Burnett Mayor Keith Campbell (Photo: SBRC)

August 27, 2019

The State Government has taken over as the lead agency in the $2 million South Burnett / North Burnett regional water project.

Mayor Keith Campbell said an agreement had been signed between the two councils, SunWater and the Department of Natural Resources, Mining and Energy.

Representatives from all four parties had formed a committee but the Department was the lead agency.

Consultants to drive the feasibility study would be appointed soon.

SBRC General Manager for Infrastructure, Aaron Meehan, told the August Council meeting the SBRC would collaborate with the Department.

Mayor Campbell said South Burnett irrigators would be kept informed about progress.

* * *

A water infrastructure idea floated at a Council consultation meeting with irrigators earlier this year in Kingaroy has received endorsement from an unlikely source.

The suggestion was to build a pipeline from the under-utilised Paradise Dam, near Biggenden, to Coalstoun Lakes and then further south to connect with the Tarong pipeline.

This would put Paradise Dam water to good use and free up Boondooma Dam water for use by irrigators in the South and North Burnett areas.

The Coalstoun Lakes Development Group (CLDG) presented the proposal to One Nation senators Pauline Hanson and Malcolm Roberts when they visited Coalstoun Lakes on a listening tour last week.

The Senators reportedly endorsed the idea, suggesting it would be a better use of Federal funding than sending money to Pacific nations.

According to the CLDG, about 110,000 megalitres – or half of Queensland’s uncommitted water – is in Paradise Dam. This could support urban supplies and an expansion of cane, peanuts, avocados and other irrigation crops.

The project is explained on the CLDG’s website

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