South Burnett CEO Nina Temperton and Heritage Nanango Community Funding chair Wendy Zerbst on the site of the new building which will be erected in the Heritage Lodge mini-estate

May 29, 2020

Planning has begun for the final stage of Nanango’s Heritage Lodge project after the announcement on Friday of a $250,000 grant from Heritage Nanango Community Funding.

The grant will be matched dollar-for-dollar by South Burnett CTC.

Heritage Lodge provides long-term housing for people with disabilities. The mini-estate in Dalby Street has been a long-term project between South Burnett CTC and Heritage Nanango.

Planning began in 2012 with the first stage officially opened in 2016.

There are currently eight units on site, in four duplexes.

South Burnett CEO Nina Temperton said the new extension would be a five-bedroom building which will house four residents and a carer.

It will have the same footprint as the existing duplexes and be built in the same style to match the rest of the estate.

A shed will also be constructed nearby to serve as a garage, storage area and possibly a communal workshop.

Heritage Nanango Community Funding chair Wendy Zerbst said the fund had been happy to back the project.

“We have been pleased to support it since it all began,” she said.

Nina and Wendy emphasised this latest stage had received no government funding.

“It is just us – CTC and Heritage,” Nina said.

Wendy said the HNCF was delighted to be making a real difference in the lives of Heritage Lodge residents.

HNCF is a not-for-profit, volunteer-run organisation.

It distributes its share of Heritage Community Branch Nanango profits back to the community in grants for local organisations and events.

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4 Responses to "$500,000 Project Unveiled In Nanango"

  1. Bouncer  May 29, 2020

    So pleased to read news like this. We have great people in our community making it better for all of us.

    More power to you all.

  2. Graham Archdall  May 30, 2020

    Congratulations to CTC & Heritage Nanango Community Funding.

    The partnership of CTC and Heritage is something the South Burnett can be proud of.

    Thanks CTC and all the loyal customers of Heritage Bank Nanango who funded this project. May there be many more future projects.

  3. John Carey  May 30, 2020

    A great partnership helping people have a safe future. Congratulations!

  4. Kay Dove  May 30, 2020

    Excellent news CTC !! How good are Heritage in our community? This certainly means a better future for our people with disabilities, and that has to be great outcome from all involved.


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