A local Disaster Management Plan for the Bunya Mountains that recognises the area’s unique challenges is currently under development (Photo: Tatters)

May 19, 2020

A joint Local Disaster Management sub-plan will be developed for the Bunya Mountains following a meeting between local residents and Council representatives.

Members of the Local Disaster Management Groups from the South Burnett and Western Downs councils met with representatives from the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES), Bunya Mountains Rural Fire Brigade and Bunya Mountains Community Association (BMCAI) on March 6.

Possible disaster scenarios were discussed as well as current available resources and logistical issues, including telecommunications and terrain in the area.

As a result, a draft of the Bunya Mountains Local Disaster Management sub-plan is being developed by the QFES and the WDRC and SBRC Local Disaster committees.

“Unfortunately, the pandemic has significantly delayed the completion of this document but we expect that it should soon be available for BM Rural Fire Brigade, BM National Parks, BMCAI and community consultation,” a BMCAI spokesperson said.

“BMCAI will advise when it becomes available for consultation.

“Both BM Rural Fire Brigade and BMCAI are keen to see this sub-plan implemented prior to the next fire season.”

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