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Crash At Wooroonden

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February 22, 2020

Emergency services were called to a single-vehicle crash at Wooroonden on Friday night.

The single vehicle rollover occurred near the intersection of Bradleys and Silverleaf roads at 8:45pm.

A QAS spokesperson said one person was transported to Kingaroy Hospital in a stable condition.

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One Response to Crash At Wooroonden

  1. Glenn

    I’m surprised it took so long for it to happen. This is NOT a safe intersection at all what with the camber etc. How long before a loaded truck has a whoopsie also?

    If the new bridge was put 50 to 70 yards upstream the road would have been much straighter and there would NOT have been the need for the intersection to be cambered any where as much as it is now. It is unsafe and will continue to be so, can’t change it now. Could have before bridge was replaced, and that is fair-dinkum!

    This shows the extreme reluctance of this council to engage in any dialogue {before the event} whatsoever with the locals, some who have lived all their lives there and most certainly could have and would have pointed out the potential problems which are now showing up. Not much common sense thought went into the design.

    And, by the way, the project cost would, I am sure, have been far far less with a different position of the bridge, no doubt at all! And also the old bridge could have been used for traffic instead of having to construct a very expensive detour through the creek bottom, and most of all the intersection would have been a whole lot safer!

    Spud, mate, you have a long way to go to get it anywhere near right but I really do wish you the best. Keep going, you’re probably the best we have at present. And by the way I wouldn’t want my name attached to that bridge even though I’ve lived there almost all my life.

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