Kingaroy Redbacks soccer club president Gary Tessmann presents the winning cheque to Surfers Apollo … the Gold Coast team won the Men’s Final after a penalty shootout against Beerwah Pineapples

February 15, 2020

The rain gods smiled on Kingaroy’s annual Soccer Sevens tournament last weekend … despite downpours elsewhere in the region, no games were disrupted during the two days of play.

Players came from across the Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast for the event.

The total of 39 teams – each with at least seven players plus supporters – meant a nice economic boost for the town.

Thomas Carroll, from host club Kingaroy, said the only hiccup caused by the recent rain was the loss of one field.

A mow on Friday night and a reshuffle of the draw to fit the games on to three fields instead of four meant everything was shipshape for the weekend.

The semi-finals and finals were played on Sunday afternoon (see results, below).

The Women’s final was taken out by Bee Gees White from Beerwah with a last-minute goal against the Honeybears from Chinchilla.

The Over 35s final  – which featured South Burnett side Fossils – ended in a one-all draw, with both sides deciding to split the carton of beer which was the prize.

The Men’s final was well-contested, with keepers stopping goal attempts at both ends.

The match went to a penalty shootout after the final whistle, with Surfers Apollo finally triumphing over Beerwah Pineapples.

Footnote: The Kawana Bananas, which have starred at the Soccer Sevens in the past, were missing this year but Beerwah filled up the fruit bowl with Pineapples, Strawberries and Watermelons taking to the field.

The winning women’s team was Bee Gees White from Beerwah but there was a familiar face in the squad … former Wests player Hayley Hunter (front row, second from right) is now studying on the Sunshine Coast and was part of the team
Kingaroy Redbacks soccer club president Gary Tessmann presented the Women’s tournament prize to Tegan Buhmann from Bee Gees White
South Burnett side Fossils drew 1-all with Wests Wanderers … when referee Peter Janz called for players to come forward for the penalty shootout, no one put up their hands so the final was declared a draw

Finals Results

Men’s Quarter-Finals

  • Surfers Apollo 2 def. Hervey Bay United 0
  • Beerwah Pineapples 2 def. Carlton FC 0
  • Merry Men 1 def. Class On Grass 0
  • Beerwah Strawberries 2 def. Beerwah Watermelons 0

Men’s Semi-Finals

  • Surfers Apollo 2 def. Merry Men 1
  • Beerwah Pineapples 1 def. Beerwah Strawberries 0

Men’s Final

  • Surfers Apollo def. Beerwah Pineapples in a penalty shootout

* * *

Over 35s Semi-Finals

  • Wests Wanderers def. Mooroondoo Roos in a penalty shootout
  • Fossils 1 def. Old Bears 0

Over 35s Final

  • Fossils drew 1-all with Wests Wanderers
    (both sides declined a penalty shootout & split the prize, a carton of beer!)

* * *

Women’s Semi-Finals

  • Bee Gees White 2 def. Bee Gees Green 0
  • Honeybears def. Nanango in a penalty shootout

Women’s Final

  • Bee Gees White 1 def. Honeybears 0

* * *

Pool Results Ladder

Men’s Pool A

1. Beerwah Pineapples
2. Hervey Bay United
3. Spitfires
4. Rockville Blue
5. Unrealistic Madrid
6. One-Legged Wonders

Men’s Pool B

1. Surfers Apollo
2. Carlton FC
3. Hit The Switch
4. KSS Jets
5. Velvet Hatrick
6. Wests Wanderers Black

Men’s Pool C

1. Merry Men
2. Beerwah Strawberries
3. Alloway
4. Rockville White
5. Gunners
6. Conquer Kings

Men’s Pool D

1. Beerwah Watermelons
2. Class On Grass
3. Wests Wanderers White
4. Wests
5. Chinchilla

Women’s Pool A

1. Bee Gees White
2. Honeybears
3. Pure Chaos
4. Wests
5. Cooyar

Women’s Pool B

1. Nanango
2. Bee Gees Green
3. Intoxicate
4. Spitfires
5. Wooroolin

Over 35s

1. Wests Wanderers
2. Fossils
3. Old Bears
4. Mooroondoo Roos
5. Agonisms
6. Hervey Bay United

* * *

Finals Photos

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