Some of the rural firies at the Com Pub on Sunday afternoon … Junior firefighter Jackson with proud parents Melissa and Mark Beil (all Stuart River RFB), Rebekah Grob and Geoff Jacobson (Taromeo RFB) and Chris Behm (Stuart River); Mark and Chris are also Rural Fire Service support officers
Simon Neal … keeping track of the dollars raised on Sunday night

December 9, 2019

The South Burnett’s hard-working rural firies were saluted on Sunday at a special function organised in Kingaroy.

The “Firies Day Out” was organised by Simon Neal and Matt Collins with the assistance of the Commercial Hotel and Michael “DJ Direx” Monk.

It was an opportunity to thank the volunteer firefighters, raise some money for rural brigades and have some fun.

A string of musos donated their time and talents to make sure everyone was kept entertained.

The talent on stage included Amber Goldsmith, Natalie Fenton, RYZA, Luke Green, Deal’N and Soul Good.

Then there were the raffles. Simon thanked the generous South Burnett businesses who donated so many prizes.

And the celebrity “slave auction” …

Councillors and other local notables were put on the block at hourly intervals and offered to the highest bidder.

The winning bidders gained two hours’ work from their “slaves”.

The highest price paid – $1250 – was for Mayor Keith Campbell.

Mayoral candidate Brett Otto was “sold” for $300; but he had his revenge, “buying” Deputy Mayor Kathy Duff for $500.

Kathy, in turn, bought fellow councillor Ros Heit.

We have it on good authority that Cr Heit must now spend two hours cleaning Cr Duff’s rather large 4WD …

Simon now is making plans for some more fun charity nights in the South Burnett.

Footnote: There wasn’t much rest for the rural firies on Sunday. The Stuart River brigade members were called to a re-ignited wood chip fire at Benair in the morning; then in the evening worked with other crews to extinguish a fire started by lightning at Booie.

Callum Allery and Rachel Armstrong, from Kingaroy, with Jackie Allery, who was one of the volunteers helping out during the afternoon

Nick Frohloff with his mum, Cr Roz Frohloff (who was later auctioned)

Another auction “slave”, Cr Danita Potter, with Susan Robertson and Lisa Wilson, Kingaroy
Natalie Fenton was one of the many performers who donated their time on stage
Michael “DJ Direx” Monk made sure the music kept on pumping
A crowd of about 100 enjoyed the afternoon of fund-raising and relaxing in the beer garden

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