500 roads covering more than 1300km were graded by Council workers last year … and they’ll all be getting graded again over the coming year
Roads portfolio chair councillor Gavin Jones (Photo: SBRC)

November 20, 2019

South Burnett Regional Council graded 500 unsealed roads during the past year, and each of them will be receiving a second patrol grade in 2020.

Roads portfolio chair Cr Gavin Jones told Wednesday’s monthly Council meeting that since the new road maintenance system was introduced last December, Council workers had graded 1315km of roads.

To do it they used three grader crews, each working their own circuit.

It took them 11 months to carry out the work.

Other crews carried out heavy formation grades and gravel resheeting on a further 75km of the road network.

Cr Jones said the patrol grade crews are now ready to start the circuit again. He said all the region’s unsealed roads would now receive a regular patrol grade at least once a year.

In November and December, 84 roads in Ballogie, Benair, Booie, Brooklands, Bullcamp, Charlestown, Coolabunia, Corndale, Cushnie, Dangore, East Nanango, Glan Devon, Gordonbrook, Greenview, Hodgleigh, Inverlaw, Johnstown, Kingaroy, Kunioon, Melrose, Moffatdale, Murgon, Runnymede, Sandy Ridges, Tingoora, Wilkesdale, Wooroolin and Wyalla will receive patrol grades.

This month, Council workers will also be tackling several other road projects.

They include:

  • Niagara Road at Boyneside: The section west of Bilboa Road to Jarail Road was recently gravel sheeted, and top-up gravel is now being applied to it prior to bitumen sealing
  • Stonelands Road Bridge: Concrete headwalls for a replacement bridge have been installed, and earthworks are now under way
  • Boughyard Creek Bridge: A side track is now in place and work on the replacement of the bridge will begin as soon as the new Stonelands Road bridge is completed
  • Coolabunia State School: An upgrade to the bus parking area is expected to begin in December
  • Bitumen Reseal Program: Preparation work for this financial year’s program is underway, and resealing works have started

In November and December, heavy formation grades and gravel resheeting will be carried out on:

  • McCauley Broom Road, Hodgleigh
  • Wattlegrove Road, Wattle Grove
  • Transmitter Road, Wooroolin
  • Kunioon Road, Kunioon
  • Ironpot Road, Ironpot
  • East Wooroolin Road, East Wooroolin
  • Beatty Street, Proston
  • Meehans Road, Memerambi
  • Old Wondai Road, Charlestown

Sportsground Road at Wooroolin will get a heavy formation grade as well; and Mondure Crossing Road at Booie and Hoggs Road at Charlestown will get heavy formation grades and gravel resheeting in December and January.

Cr Jones also reported that roadside slashing and boom mowing has been suspended since October due to the weather conditions.

Normal slashing will resume when it is safe to do so.

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