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Learn The Art Of Speaking … For Free!

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FLASHBACK: Marietta Wetzig was congratulated on achieving her Distinguished Toastmaster Medal by South Burnett Toastmasters president Bettina Stewart last year; this year, Marietta’s helping organise a free Art Of Speaking workshop to share the techniques she’s learned

October 16, 2019

Have you ever needed to persuade a workmate to your point of view and were not sure about the best way to do it?

Ever needed to propose a toast, or give a speech in front of a big audience?

There are several techniques that have been proven to work well in these sorts of situations but the price to attend a quality seminar or workshop to learn them can be expensive.

Fortunately, South Burnett Toastmasters will be holding a free workshop later this month where they’ll teach these skills and several more besides.

Toastmasters’ Art Of Speaking workshop is designed for people who want to learn how to speak better and express themselves well.

Guests will discover how they can communicate more effectively with friends, propose a toast at a family occasion or persuade a co-worker to a different point of view.

They’ll also learn the Toastmaster way, a highly effective technique to remove the fear factor many people experience when speaking in front of an audience.

This workshop will also teach guests techniques and strategies that will guide them on how to construct a speech and communicate the message they want to deliver in the way they want it delivered, as well as how to be time conscious of their delivery length.

The free workshop will be held at Kingaroy RSL at 6:30pm on Thursday, October 31.

Apart from free tuition, there’ll also be a free supper.

For further information, contact Marietta Wetzig on (07) 4163-6236 or Rod Morgan on (07) 4163-3044.

Note: South Burnett Toastmasters meet at Kingaroy RSL every 1st, 3rd and 5th Thursday of the month at 7:00pm. Potential new members are welcome at any time.
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