Agriculture Minister Mark Furner with industry representatives at the African Swine Fever forum in Brisbane (Photo: Qld Government)

October 16, 2019

Agriculture Minister Mark Furner was briefed at a forum in Brisbane on Wednesday about African Swine Fever and the risks it poses to the Queensland pig industry.

“African Swine Fever is an insidious disease which, in its most severe form, can affect and kill up to 100 per cent of pigs,” Mr Furner said.

Humans cannot catch the disease.

“It’s estimated that by the end of 2019 up to a quarter of the world’s pigs may be lost as a result of African swine fever and there is no doubt this disease poses a significant threat to Queensland’s pig industry,” Mr Furner said.

“The forum gives pig industry representatives, veterinarians, transporters, feed manufacturers and Queensland and Australian Government representatives the chance to identify key actions to ensure Queensland is well-positioned to prevent and respond to this threat.”

Mr Furner said the forum was part of a co-ordinated effort to protect the pig industry.

“I urge anyone who keeps pigs to make sure they’re registered and their contact and registration details are up-to-date by visiting,” he said.

Mr Furner said the greatest risk of introduction of African Swine Fever was from people illegally bringing pork or pork products into Australia.

“I want to assure Queenslanders, our pork is safe to eat, and by putting pork on your fork, we are supporting jobs,” he said.

“So make sure the next shopping trip has Queensland pork on the shopping list.”

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