Fisheries Minister Mark Furner

July 11, 2019

Recreational anglers only have eight days to have their say on proposed amendments to fishing laws.

Fisheries Minister Mark Furner said the proposed changes followed consultations over the past two years as part of the Sustainable Fisheries Strategy.

“The changes focus on long-term sustainability and profitability, urgent actions to support key species, standardising fishing rules, supporting compliance and reducing red tape,” Mr Furner said.

“We are determined to build a legacy of a sustainable fishery for our children and grandchildren and these regulations are an important part of doing that.

“As of today, we have received over 500 responses via our online survey, with the commercial, recreational, charter boat, Indigenous, seafood marketing, conservation sectors and the general public all making submissions.

“In addition, we have received dozens of phone calls and numerous emails from stakeholders on the proposed changes.”

Mr Furner urged as many Queenslanders as possible to have their say by July 19.

He said the feedback would guide changes to the Fisheries Regulation.

This is due to be introduced on September 1 because the existing Fisheries Regulation 2008 has reached its 10-year statutory life.

Proposed changes for recreational and charter fishing include:

  • Introducing a general in-possession limit of 20 for fish where there is no species in-possession limit
  • Introducing an in-possession limit of 50 for certain bait species
  • Reducing the in-possession limit for mud crab to seven (down from 10)
  • Reducing in-possession from five to four for pearl perch
  • Introducing a new possession limit of 20 for blue swimmer crab
  • Reducing the in-possession limit for all molluscs and gastropods (eg. pipi) from 50 to 30
  • Introducing boat limits based on two times the in-possession limit for priority black-market species
  • Prohibiting the use of lightweight crab pots
  • Changes to protect Murray and Mary River cods (align closed seasons, same size limits)
  • Requirement for inshore charter operators to register (free)
  • Removing the extended in-possession limit for snapper and pearl perch for charter

More details can be found on the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries website

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