South Burnett Saints were in the game against Highfields until half-time

June 27, 2019

Highfields Lions overpowered the South Burnett Saints after half-time to record an easy victory in a Round 11 game of the AFL Darling Downs competition played in Kingaroy on Saturday.

Saints went into the break just nine points behind the visitors – 6.2-38 to 7.7-49 – but remained goalless for the rest of the game.

The final score was 18.17-125 to 6.3-39.

South Burnett goals were kicked by Jarryd Hill (3), Kieran Askin, Kerron Weber and Benjamin Smith.

This weekend, the Saints men will be hitting the road again to take on the Chinchilla Suns in Chinchilla.

South Burnett women’s next game will be in Toowoomba on July 13 against University.

Which way did it go? Saints and the Highfield Lions players compete at a ball-up

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