Supt Dave Johnson

May 30, 2019

Police are investigating the circumstances leading up to Monday night’s horrific crash near Kumbia in which five people died.

Superintendent Dave Johnson, the Operations Commander of the Road Policing Command, told a media conference in Brisbane on Thursday afternoon that information was being gathered to be presented to the Coroner.

“There’s a further investigation involving the positioning of the vehicle and why it was on the road at the time, and where it was, and what other circumstances, if any, are known to police in relation to that matter,” Supt Johnson said.

“We will present all the facts on that and the Coroner will make a determination about the cause of death and what has occurred.”

Supt Johnson said police were doing a very thorough investigation and putting a lot of resources towards the incident.

They were involved at various levels and various specialist groups were looking “at all angles” to what caused the crash.

Preliminary officers attended the scene and then extra resources had been sent to the crash site to thoroughly map the incident, he said.

“It was a tragic circumstance for everybody involved and for those emergency service responders that attended the scene as well … absolutely horrific carnage that they came across, and the loss of innocent lives,” he said.

UPDATE May 31: Police Commissioner Ian Stewart confirmed on Friday that Homicide detectives were involved in the investigation.


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