The seemingly deserted sawmill in Mill Street, Yarraman, this week

April 12, 2019

Yarraman residents are baffled by the recent closure of a major local employer, the Yarraman Pine sawmill in Mill Street.

The sawmill, which is owned by Finlayson’s, now has just a skeleton staff on hand. has been told the 20 or so workers at the plant received a letter from their employers saying the closure was temporary.

However, no date for the re-opening is known.

A spokesperson for the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries said there were no issues between the Department and Yarraman Pine.

A spokesperson for HQ Plantations said there was no legal dispute with either Finlayson’s or Yarraman Pine.

“We have got a long-term contract to supply soft pine to Finlayson’s,” he said. has approached both Finlayson’s and Yarraman Pine for comment.

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One Response to "Mystery Over Sawmill Closure"

  1. Ben  April 5, 2019

    This is very troubling indeed for a community like Yarraman that has a limited employment sector. The effects could be very damaging locally and into surrounding towns, communities and businesses.

    Let’s hope this is temporary and not a sign of the times.

    The need for an alternate employment sector is becoming extremely clear.


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