October 15, 2018

Police are reminding residents to lock their houses after thieves made five “sneak breaks” in the Goomeri area over the past fortnight.

On each occasion, the thieves entered via windows and doors, either open or unlocked.

All offences occurred in the early hours of the morning.

Items stolen included wallets, money, iPad, iPhone, iPod and a personal safe containing passports.

Car keys were also taken, resulting in the theft of a vehicle from one location.

“Victims reported seeing two males and a small dark hatchback car leaving some of the scenes,” Senior Constable Deb Wruck from Gympie Polcie said.

In one incident, the thieves were scared off by a dog barking and the owners getting up to see what was going on.

“The feeling of your home being broken into, especially while you are asleep, can be quite scary and victims often say that they feel violated as strangers have gone through all their personal possessions,” Senior Constable Wruck said.

“Please check and lock doors and windows before going to bed or going out or away on holidays, install pet doors so doors are not left open and sleep safe.”

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