Good Shepherd Microfinance General Manager – Advisory
Dr Vinita Godinho

September 14, 2018

Ergon Energy Retail is developing a Financial Inclusion Action Plan to support customers who face genuine hardship in paying their electricity bills.

The Financial Inclusion Action Plan (FIAP) program is managed by Good Shepherd Microfinance, which was appointed by the Federal Government in 2015 to develop the scheme.

Working with Good Shepherd Microfinance, organisations such as Ergon put together programs that commit to financial resilience in the community.

“Ergon Energy Retail is committed to supporting our customers and community and this plan will help to deliver important assistance to people who are at risk of financial exclusion,” Ergon Energy spokesperson Cheryl Hopkins said.

“We’re excited to be part of the FIAP community and look forward to working with Good Shepherd Microfinance and its partnership group as we develop our own action plan, to better support our customers, employees and the broader community to achieve their financial goals.

“We are equipping our people with the skills to better assist customers from all backgrounds so that we can overcome barriers that might otherwise hinder their financial inclusion and resilience.

“I see the launch of the action plan as an important step in providing meaningful support to customers, ensuring that no matter what someone’s economic status, they will be supported.”

Good Shepherd Microfinance spokesperson Dr Vinita Godinho congratulated Ergon Energy Retail for its public commitment to financial inclusion and financial resilience.

“Ergon Energy Retail joins a group of 33 well-known organisations including banks, utilities, law firms, charities, governments and universities who have committed to developing a Financial Inclusion Action Plan.

“This growing community of organisations understand they play a critical role in Australia’s financial future. ”

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