Gordonbrook resident Cameron Carseldine … relieved that firefighters protected his home, which was in the path of the fire

August 12, 2018

UPDATE 8:30pm – The Gordonbrook fire may be linked to a power outage which is affecting Ergon Energy customers at Durong, Wooroolin, Memerambi, Wilkesdale, Ballogie and parts of Kingaroy. The power went off at 6:41pm, leaving 352 customers without electricity.

* * *

UPDATE 7:10pm – The alert level has been downgraded. Firefighters are conducting backburning. There is no threat to property at this time.

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A fire which broke out on a property adjacent to the Memerambi-Gordonbrook Road on Sunday evening was whipped up by north-easterly winds, pushing it quickly towards homes on Cooleys Road at Gordonbrook.

Multiple rural and urban fire units raced to the scene and quickly went into action to protect property.

The large fire cast smoke across the Memerambi and Wooroolin areas, and flames could be seen from Memerambi-Gordonbrook Road, spreading along timbered ridges.

The blaze jumped Cooleys Road and ran across open grassland into timbered country.

Local resident Cameron Carseldine said the firefighters had his “heartfelt thanks”.

“When they came up to refill, they said they had saved my house and some of the buildings,” he said.

Mr Carseldine said the fire had started on a nearby property, and spread quickly because of the wind which had been blowing all day.

Pointing towards the north-east where the fire was still burning, Mr Carseldine told southburnett.com.au: “There’s a few houses up there, too …”

Firefighters were joined at the blaze by local farmers using tractors and water carts.

Several heavy pieces of earthmoving equipment were also called in, including bulldozers.

* * *

As well as the large bushfires at Okeden and Linville, QFES were also called to fires on Sunday at Cushnie, Ballogie, Maidenwell and Glan Devon.

Flames and a large pall of smoke could be seen from Memerambi-Gordonbrook Road
Water is sprayed on flames in a paddock on the western side of Cooleys Road
The fire raced across open paddocks on the eastern side of Cooleys Road, fanned by winds

* * *

UPDATE 6:00pm: Multiple rural and urban fire units are on the scene, along with earth-moving equipment and water trucks.

Fire crews have constructed some fire breaks to protect properties.

The bushfire, fanned by 30km/h north-easterly winds, is currently burning across farmlands towards heavily timbered country.

* * *

A fast-moving bushfire broke out near Cooleys Road and Memerambi-Gordonbrook Road at about 5:00pm on Sunday (Map: Google)

QFES advised at 5:00pm Sunday (August 12) that crews are attending a fast-moving bushfire near Memerambi-Gordonbrook Road and Cooleys Road, Memerambi.

At present no properties are under threat but QFES has issued an ADVICE alert.

Residents should call Triple Zero (000) immediately if they believe their property or persons are under threat.

People in the area will be affected by smoke, which will reduce visibility and air quality.

What You Should Do:

  • Listen to your local radio station or visit the Rural Fire Service (RFS) website for regular updates.
  • If you have a bushfire survival plan, refer to it now and be ready to follow it.
  • If you do not have a bushfire survival plan, or if your plan is to leave, identify where you will go if the situation changes.
  • Close windows and doors to minimise smoke exposure.
  • If you suffer from a respiratory condition, keep your medication close by.
  • Drive with caution in low visibility conditions.
  • Contact your neighbours to see if they need help preparing for the bushfire.
  • Consider finding your essential items (eg. identification documents, prescription medication, food and water, and protective clothing such as a long-sleeved cotton shirt and trousers, and boots) in case you need to leave.
  • Consider what you will do to protect your pets and livestock.
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.
  • Advise family and friends of your intended actions if the situation changes.

Keep Up To Date By:

  • Staying tuned to your local radio station.

[Published earlier as “Fast-Moving Bushfire At Memerambi”]

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