Kingaroy Croquet Club members Lorene Green, Ted Black, Robert Green, Terry Kearney, Edna Airs and Jenny Bickerton played demonstration games of croquet at the church fete

April 12, 2018

Kumbia’s Catholic community organised an old-fashioned Saturday afternoon fete recently, and the happy event drew a good roll-up.

The fete was held in the grounds of Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church in Brooke Street, and it got underway soon after lunch.

Guests who braved the bright sun could browse second-hand goods and a bric-a-brac stand, or put in a bid on a silent auction.

There were also lucky dips, a bottle-o stall, a 20c-per-throw coin toss and stick lotto for those who wanted to chance their luck.

A table laden with mouth-watering home made baked cakes and slices attracted a lot of sales, and so did a very well-stocked plant stand.

Given the hot weather, it wasn’t altogether surprising that an ice cream stand fielded a steady flow of customers, too.

For added interest, members of the Kingaroy Croquet Club came along to hold a few demonstration matches on the church’s lawn.

Club members, who normally meet each Tuesday morning and Friday afternoon on the third green of the Kingaroy Bowls Club, played out in the sun while onlookers watched their progress from the shade of tents erected in the grounds.

For youngsters, there was also a prize for the best decorated bike on offer.

The fete is a semi-regular event organised by congregation members to help raise funds for the church’s maintenance.

Last year, though, the group varied their efforts by holding a function at Kumbia Hall instead.

“You don’t want to do exactly the same thing every year,” Bernie Carroll told

“It’s good to keep people guessing.”

Rebecca Cross had fun manning the Bottle-O stall, where the prizes were many and varied
Would you like some saucers to go with that cup, sir? Kumbia’s Gayle Carroll, Josie McConville and Moira Curtain ran their stands under the shelter of the church shed’s pergola – a wise choice given the heat of the day
Downer Position Vacant - click here
Downer Position Vacant - click here

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