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LNP Will Fight New Vegetation Laws

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Labor's new vegetation management laws are offensive, and the LNP will fight this unfair attack on farmers, their families and farming communities at every turn

March 15, 2018

As many of you will have already heard, last week the Labor Government reintroduced their vegetation management laws.

The LNP think this is an unfair attack on farmers, their families and farming communities right across Queensland.

Labor’s proposed vegetation management laws are offensive, and I will fight them at every turn.

We need less emotion and more facts in the vegetation management debate.

The fact is that over the last 3 years, since the LNP’s balanced vegetation management laws were passed, the clearance rate is 17 per cent lower than the long run average.

Protecting the reef is vital, but scare mongering about the impact of farmers is disgraceful.

Instead of supporting farmers, Annastacia Palaszczuk is tying them up in more red tape and threatening their ability to grow the food we put our tables and the fibre we put on our backs.

There are a few things you can do to help:

  • Check your property’s vegetation maps. Head to this website and from there, compare these with your old maps and let me know if you can see any significant changes

* * *

Thank You Emergency Services!

Summer has officially come to an end and for many around our region, some cooler weather will be welcome.

I hope it will also be a welcome change for our Emergency Services personnel who have been kept extremely busy as the storms have rolled across the district.

The storms brought drenching rain which is a relief for our primary producers, but I know they have also caused much damage.

I would like to send a huge thanks, on behalf of our community, to these dedicated men and women who work all hours of the day and night to reconnect our power and help our communities recover from the storm destruction.

We couldn’t get by without you, and we send our heartfelt thanks for the work you do.

* * *

The decision to refuse an environmental approval for the expansion of New Hope's Acland coal mine has thrown the future of 700 jobs into limbo (Photo: TSBE)

Acland Decision Puts Jobs In Limbo

Annastacia Palaszczuk’s decision to refuse an environmental authority (EA) for the Acland mining project on the Darling Downs is the likely death knell for up to 700 local jobs.

I’m incredibly disappointed on behalf of the people of Oakey and the Darling Downs that the Palaszczuk Government hasn’t done what it said it would do and respected the judicial process underway for the Acland project.

When the LNP asked the Premier in State Parliament why she had broken her promise to the people of Acland to abide by this legal process, she refused to back away from her Environment Department’s decision to kill the EA.

Given the Acland project provides full time jobs for up to 600 Darling Downs locals plus another 100 indirect jobs and contributes almost $500 million to the Queensland economy, the company and its loyal employees should have been given the courtesy of having their day in court.

Unlike Annastacia Palaszczuk, I know this mine provides critical off-farm employment for so many local primary producers and I’m really worried about what happens to those farming families now.

Out of concern for those families, the LNP would have respected the court process.

* * *

Get you applcation in by the end of March and your group's name could be on one of these cheques

Get Your Local Hero Grant Application In

Round Five of my Local Hero Grants is now open!

Grants of $250 are available for community groups from the Nanango Electorate, and also for individuals needing assistance to travel to sporting events or other competitions.

The grants provide an opportunity to show my support, thanks and appreciation for all our hardworking volunteer groups who make such a difference for our community, and to encourage people who are attending sporting or other events and need assistance to make it possible.

The closing date is March 31, so get your applications in!

If you would like to apply, please go to my website at or contact the Electorate office on (07) 4190-7100 for the guidelines.

* * *

I was proud to meet Kingaroy State High School's 2018 school captains Katelyn Beresford and Oscar Schmidt at the school's annual investiture ceremony on February 27

School Leaders Step Into Roles

The school year is well underway and it has been such a pleasure to welcome our school leaders into their new roles.

Thank you to Kingaroy SHS, Kilcoy SHS and Toogoolawah SHS for inviting me to be a part of your leader investiture ceremonies.

I wish all of our leaders and students a great 2018!

* * *

At the 2018 Cooyar Show with Rural Ambassador Kaitlyn Ballin, Miss Teen Showgirl Rachel Dando, Miss Cooyar Showgirl Jess Erlich, Junior Princess Rhiannon Ryan, and Cooyar Show Society president Matt Ryan

Show Season Has Started

Show season in the Nanango Electorate kicked off with the Cooyar Show in February, and last weekend it was Proston’s turn to start the South Burnett sub-chamber’s season.

Well done to both the Show Societies for the amazing hard work they put in each year.

It’s events like these that showcase what’s great about Queensland, and I was very honoured to be asked to open both of these shows this year.

I should add that I was particularly impressed with the Cooyar Show Society’s brand new cattle shed, which is a great addition to the Showgrounds in Rangemore Road.

I also take my hat off to the repairs made to the Proston Show Society’s outdoor bar, which was crushed when a tree fell across it after a big storm a few months ago.

The Proston Show celebrated its 60th birthday this year - a major milestone in anyone's language - and Proston Show Society president Valley Horne gave me the honour of officially opening it

[Photos: Nanango Electorate Office, TSBE and]

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