One of the ideas that the consultants are considering is a closure of Glendon Street

November 22, 2017

A draft concept for the Kingaroy streetscape should be available for community consultation in March or April  next year.

South Burnett Mayor Keith Campbell said an initial plan would be presented to the business community and public to gauge reactions.

He said the plan would include the development of the railway car park (behind the Haly Street shops) and plans for the beautification of Kingaroy Street (possibly as far as Markwell Street) and Haly Street.

The railway land car park could be linked through to the existing King Street car park.

Another proposal would link the Glendon Street car park – and possibly even Kingaroy Street – with the Town Hall Forecourt. This would mean the closure of Glendon Street to through traffic.

“The streetscape will give the town a new look and a new feel,” Mayor Campbell said.

The car park area behind the Commonwealth Bank, which has been bare since the removal of  the torelliana trees a decade ago, could also could get a makeover.

“Shaded car parks could become a feature there,” Mayor Campbell said.

JFP Urban Consultants Pty Ltd, who worked on the Nanango Town Centre streetscape project and an upgrade at Coomba Falls, have been commissioned to start the design work.

2 Responses to "Consultants Working On Concept Plan"

  1. RogerC  November 23, 2017

    It will be interesting if gauging local reaction to the plans put forward is actually listened to this time around!

  2. Tia  November 25, 2017

    What about upgrading our roads instead of wasting the taxpayer’s money on stuff that doesn’t need doing. The South Burnett should be ashamed of the state of the roads in the district. Nanango got upgraded and now they have very limited parking in the main street. Whomever thought to do that with Nanango’s main street was not thinking right as now if you want something there, you have to park a long way away. Please engage brains before ripping up our little town. Fix the damm roads instead. People are paying a fortune on keeping their tyres and rims together on their cars because of the stat of the roads. Fix them!


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