Cr Bill Cahill

October 17, 2017

Cooyar’s rubbish tip will be among the first of Toowoomba Regional Council’s 22 waste management facilities to be upgraded under a new Council plan.

The TRC announced on Tuesday that it would be undertaking staged upgrades to its waste facilities across the region to deliver better services, save on costs and deliver more environmentally friendly waste disposal options for residents.

Councillors adopted a new Waste Infrastructure Plan at Tuesday’s council meeting.

Cooyar, Cecil Plains and Evergreen will be the first sites to be upgraded and should be completed this financial year.

Opening hours may also change at some of the 22 centres.

“Our team has undertaken research and surveyed opening hours to maximise our service whilst balancing costs to the community,” Water and Waste portfolio leader Cr Bill Cahill said.

“We are adjusting operational times to meet peak demand. We will be offering additional opening hours at peak times at our busiest transfer stations, such as weekends, to offer greater service to residents and balance operating costs.”

A small number of quieter facilities will have changes to their operating days “to be more aligned with the number of people currently using those facilities”.

“Residents can still make their free domestic waste disposal at one of our Waste Management Facilities, but we will be introducing thresholds of 400kg per trip to the tip for mixed waste. This is roughly the equivalent of a full ute load of mixed general waste or a ute and trailer of green waste,” Cr Cahill said.

“Council will continue to allow residents who visit the new Waste Management Facilities to dispose of loads that are fully recyclable and properly sorted at no cost regardless of quantity. This includes scrap metal, cardboard, glass, paper, hard plastics as well as clean fill.

“Unlike many other Councils around Australia, Toowoomba Region residents will still be able to make free domestic disposals at our Waste Management Facilities, provided it is less than 400kg.

“For anyone that disposes of waste in excess of the 400kg threshold per load, a fee will be payable from June 2018.”