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4WD Wipes Out Town’s Fuel

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The LandRover crashed backwards at an angle between the two bollard posts, directly into the bowser which has pumps for unleaded and diesel fuel

August 25, 2017

A 4WD crashed backwards into the fuel bowser outside the Maidenwell Trading Post on Thursday afternoon, creating a mini-emergency in the small town.

Debbie Keyte, who took over the business earlier this year, said she was serving a customer when she heard “an almighty crash”.

Debbie was stunned but so was the customer who called out “That’s my car!”

He had parked his LandRover Discovery opposite the store while taking a break on his way to Toowoomba.

For some reason the vehicle rolled backwards across the road at an angle and smashed into the bowser, threading its way between the two protective poles near the pump which had been placed there to ward off vehicles.

The bowser was smashed into pieces and left lying on the nearby footpath.

Maidenwell Rural Brigade firefighter Max Forsyth was full of praise for Maidenwell Trading Post employee Jessie who immediately turned off the pumps.

“She then ran down to First Officer Richard Don’s place because he had the fire truck parked outside,” Max said.

In only a matter of minutes, firefighters were on the scene and had the area roped off and made safe.

Debbie said it was extremely lucky there was no one using the pump at the time of the crash or walking down the footpath.

It was also very lucky that it had happened at 2:45pm … a little while later and a school bus could have been stopped there.

As well as the firefighters, police and other emergency services attended the scene.

Debbie said the man who owned the vehicle was “completely embarrassed and apologetic”.

“Poor guy,” she said.

Footnote: Debbie told she had a “heap of paperwork” to fill in but was hopeful of getting the bowser – which had diesel and unleaded pumps – back running soon. However, there are fears in the Maidenwell community that the pumps may not be replaced as fire regulations have changed since they were first installed.

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