“Off The Top Of Your Head” supporters at the Sunshine Coast LifeFlight base on on Monday
 (Photo: RACQ LifeFlight)

August 14, 2017

The tiny community of Linville has raised an amazing $34,000 for LifeFlight at an “Off The Top Of Your Head” fundraising night.

The brave participants shaved their heads – or waxed their chests – to raise funds.

Residents from surrounding towns joined the cause with gusto, digging deep during an evening at the Linville Hotel which combined raffles, auctions and hair removal.

Organiser Fiona Williamson said she was inspired to create the event after her father was knocked over by a bull on their Linville property four years ago and required a lifesaving airlift by the RACQ LifeFlight Rescue helicopter.

“That was scary for me. The kids were yelling at me saying ‘Daddy was dead’. Every girl’s hero is their father,” Fiona said.

“The minute the chopper landed we didn’t know how serious it was. If I ever need that chopper again, I know I’ve done my bit to keep it flying.”

This is the second year that the fundraiser has been held.

“When we held the event last year, we set a benchmark to cover the cost of one mission which is $12,500. We beat that by raising a bit over $20,000,” said Fiona.

“We didn’t set a goal for this year, we just wanted to beat what we had previously raised.

“Everybody knows someone who has been saved by the aeromedical crews at some stage.

“None of us are five minutes down the road from an ambulance or hospital.

“We have two kids and I think if anything happens, you can rely on that chopper to get you out. It’s a vital service to everyone but even more so for people in rural communities.”

Fiona and “Off The Top Of Your Head” supporters visited LifeFlight’s Sunshine Coast base on Monday to hand over the donation.

The fundraiser hasn’t only raised money for the LifeFlight Foundation, it has also helped to raise awareness.

“When we first started, people had heard of LifeFlight but now they understand just how vital the service is,” Fiona said.

Fiona said the event would not have been possible without the support of community members, businesses, and all those who offered to lend a helping hand.

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