The winners of Kilcoy’s Pub Day on March 8 were Horst Myer, Ron Sansom, Garry Jensen and Nev Johnston, all from Kilcoy

April 4, 2017

by Trudi Pratt

Wednesday, March 8 was Pub Day at Kilcoy Bowls Club, with the local side taking on Lowood.

  • Winners: Nev Johnston, Horst Myer, Ron Sansom and Garry Jensen from Kilcoy
  • Runners Up: Bob Pearce, Leigh Hawkins, Allan Cameron and John Harrison from Lowood
  • First Round: Peter Stanton, Greg Staniforth, Brett French and Roger Moat, Kilcoy
  • Second Round: Jef Welden, Ann Pope, George Pratten and Peter Playford, Kilcoy.

On Tuesday, March 14 in the Star of the Green competition, Kelly Charters defeated Elayne Moat and now plays Marg Worrall on March 28.

The jackpot did not go off and will stand at $188 for the next round.

In social bowls, the winners of the day were Bill Edwards, Grahame Derriman and Ann Pope who defeated Noel Lanes, Annette Ruston and Dawn Phillips 20-8.

Other results:

  • Michael Dunn, John Worrall and Ernie Herbert def. Jef Welden, Jan Biddle and Brett Kelly 17-14
  • Nev Johnston, Roger Moat and Liz Frawley def. Marg Worrall, Elayne Moat and Jenny Edwards 19-17
  • Kelly Charters, Peter Playford and Garry Jensen def. Dennis Thomsen, Lex Biddle & Tom Brooks 15-12
Kilcoy Pub Day Runners Up on March 8 were Bob Pearce, Allan Cameron, John Harrison and Leigh Hawkins from Lowood

* * *

Saturday, March 18 was a Trophy Day at Kilcoy Bowls Club, and it was sponsored by Lester Bechly and Jamie Mitchell.

The winners were Greg Staniforth, Tom Brooks and Neil Kneen.

The following Tuesday, March 21 was another Trophy Day sponsored by Patron Ron Glover.

The Spider was Tony Gray, and Touchers were Garry Jensen, Annette Ruston, Bill Edwards, Kelly Charters, Trudi Pratt, Peter Playford, Tom Brooks, Grahame Derriman, Phyl Coffee and Tony Gray.

The winners of the day were Nev Johnston, Trudi Pratt, Ernie Herbert and Peter Boyd who defeated Horst Myer, Ian Smith and Peter Playford 28-18.

Runners Up were Kelly Charters, Jan Biddle and Dawn Phillips who defeated Noel Lanes, Bob Sims and Garry Jensen 22-14.

Other Scores:

  • Tony Gray, Ann Pope and Darrell Coffee def. Harold Alford, Grahame Derriman and Wendy Smith 23-19
  • Michael Dunn, Lex Biddle and Phyl Coffee def. Bill Edwards, John Worrall and Lyn Chandler 25-11
  • Lester Bechly, Tom Brooks and Jenny Edwards def. Jef Welden, Annette Ruston and Liz Frawley 23-16

* * *

Runners Up at Kilcoy Bowls Club’s Financial Day on April 3 were John Worrall, sponsor Pam Riches, Maxine Wilcox, Liz Frawley and Jef Welden, from Kilcoy

Kilcoy Bowls Club held a Ladies Financial Day on Monday, April 3, sponsored by Kilcoy Funeral Directors and Games Director Trudi Pratt.

The winners were the Donnybrook team of Val Guilfoyle, Terry Cox, Bob Saunders and Bob Guilfoyle, while the runners-up were the Kilcoy One team of Maxine Wilcox, Liz Frawley, Jef Welden and John Worrall.

And in Championship results:

  • Men’s A Singles: Tony Gray def. Noel Lanes and Bill Edwards def. Horst Myer
  • Men’s Pairs: Noel Lanes and John Glanvill def. Max Morrow and Ken Litherland; and Leigh Irwin and Bill Edwards def. Tony Gray and Harold Alford
  • Ladies Pairs: Trudi Pratt and Pam Taylor def. Tracey Evans and Pauline Lawson 23-15
The winners of the Kilcoy Lady Bowlers Financial Day with (at front) sponsor Pam Riches of Kilcoy Funeral Directors were Terry Cox, Bob Saunders, and Val and Bob Guilfoyle from Donnybrook

* * *

On Kilcoy’s blackboard:

  • Friday, April 7 – Meals Night: steak, salad and chips $10, desserts $3
  • Saturday, April 8 – Club selected bowls sponsored by Harold Alford and Kim Donovan; two games, 1:00pm start; names on the men’s board no later than noon on the day; open to men, ladies and new bowlers (bowls available); $10 per player includes bowls and sausage sizzle.
  • Sunday, April 9 – Sunshine Coast bowlers visit for lunch and bowls; if you would like to play put your name up on the Ladies Board; also looking for workers on the day too
  • Wednesday, April 12 – Pub Day, 11:00am start
  • Thursday, April 20 – First round of the Mac Patterson Shield at Dayboro; info and names on board next to main club door
  • Monday, April 24 – Stag Cup at Lowood; two teams of four men required; names on Men’s board if you are available to play
  • Every Tuesday: Mixed social bowls; names by 9:00am for 9:30am start

* * *

Nanango News

by Athol Jensen

The semi-finals and finals of the A Grade Singles were played recently, and they were interesting matches to watch.

In the semi-final between Allan Wright and Brian Havell, Brian’s unusual strategy failed to pay off and he lost the match 25-7.

The other semi was played between Glen Yeates and Allan Carr, and it was very interesting in quite a different way.

Glen could not buy a shot early in the match, and after nine ends was trailing Allan 3-12

Allan kept the pressure up, and by the time the 18th end was played he led 21-7.

But then Glen then started to get his range, and by the 27th end he was only 2 shots behind, 21-23.

Allan scored one on the next end, and then Glen scored one on the following end, only to see Allan score a final point on the 30th end to win the match 25-22.

Better luck next time, Glen!

* * *

The final between Allan Wright and Allan Carr was also a great game to watch.

In this contest, Allan Wright jumped to an early lead of 8-1 after the first seven ends, but each player seemed to take it in turns after that.

In the end, Allan Wright held onto his early lead to defeat Allan Carr 25-18.

* * *

In Championship Pairs, Trevor George and Brian Havell had a comfortable win over Mike Murray and Josh Fisher 27-14.

Darryl Stone and Steve Carland also had a comfortable win over Lew Saunders and Henry Bliesner, 18-6.

And a game that went to an extra end saw Greg Pogson and Jim Fowler defeat Allan Ward and Mike Smith 22-20.

Mike and Allan lead by 17-9 after 14 ends, only to drop 10 shots over the next three ends and let Greg and Jim back in the game.

* * *

The final of Nanango Bowls Club’s Mixed Pairs competition was also a close game until the 11th end, when the scores were 14-13.

In the end, Glen Yeates and Sue Tucker defeated Lynn Halliday and Mike Smith 27-18.

* * *

In the social:

  • Cec Bracken, Greg Pogson and Bob Hammond def. Bob Hall, Joe Aglizzio and Henry Bliesner 30-13
  • Mike Murray and Sue Tucker def. Lew Saunders and Allan Ward 21-19

* * *

Here’s one for the diary: the Nanango Bowls Club will be holding a Raine and Horne Nanango Open Triples Day on Saturday, May 13 commencing at noon.

The competition will take the form of two games of 13 ends with scoring margins, and it will offer a $300 first prize and a Mystery Trophy for second and third place-getters.

Nomination fees are only $30 per team, and the first 28 team applications will be accepted.

You can find out more details by phoning Glen Yeates on 0417-795-637 or Greg Pogson on 0438-728-287, or by emailing the club.

* * *

Kingaroy News

by John Lacey

Kingaroy Bowls Club’s Open Singles have been a hotly contested affair.

The first game of Round 1 saw Errol Dionysius take on Alex Callender.

With just one point (9-8) separating them at the 15th end, Errol skipped away for a 25-13 win.

Game 2 saw Dave Barwick taking on Malcolm Macleod.

Malcolm went into the 18th end with a four point lead (16-12) before going on to win comfortably 25-15

Game 3 saw John Lacey taking on Danny Holligan.

John was never a winning chance in the game, with Danny winning 25-14.

* * *

In Round 2, the first game was between Bruce Johnston and Paul Marychurch.

Paul got off to a slow start but by the 15th end he was only two points behind (14-16).

However Bruce display some good bowling to ultimately take the win 26-18.

The second game was between Errol Dionysius and Malcolm Macleod.

Malcolm never looked comfortable in the game and was soundly beaten 25-12.

Game 3 saw Danny Holligan meet Ray Maclaren after Ray had a win on forfeit in the first round.

Scores were even after the 14th end (10-10), but Danny went on to win 25-14.

Game 4 saw Trevor Turner taking on Wayne Thatcher.

Trevor had a lead of four by the 15th end (12-8), but Trevor edged away to win 25-17.

* * *

In the semi finals, Bruce Johnston met Errol Dionysius in the first match.

With Errol and Bruce both having good wins in the second round, it looked like it would be a good game and these gentlemen of the greens didn’t disappoint, with scores being level in the 7th end (7-7) and 11th end (10-10), and Errol barely a point in front by the 19th (18-17).

However, Errol ultimately went on to win 27-22.

In the second semi, Danny Holligan and Trevor Turner met in a game that everyone thought would be an arm wrestle.

However Danny got off to a flying start and was in front by 12 at the 11th end (17-5), eventually winning 25-7.

* * *

The final between Errol Dionysius and Danny Holligan was always going to be a tight tussle, and the gallery were not disappointed.

After 15 ends, Errol held a slim one point lead (13-12) in a match where the first to get 25 points would be declared the winner.

By the 25th end, Errol had skipped out to a seven point lead (23-16) and it seemed like it was all over.

But to Danny’s credit, he dug his heels in and started the fightback, and by the 30th end was all squared up at 23-23.

In the next end, Danny hit the front and it was 24-23.

But Errol never panicked and picked up two shots in the next end to take out the win 25-24.

Well done both players!

* * *

On Kingaroy’s blackboard:

  • Every Tuesday: Ollies Mowers Corporate League, 6:45pm start
  • Every Thursday: Club Selected Triples, 1:00pm start
  • Every Friday: Barefoot Bowls, 6:00pm start
  • Every Sunday: Social Bowls

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