KCCG committee members John Dalton, Damien O’Sullivan, Gary Tessmann and Marilyn Stephens with Member for Nanango Deb Frecklington at the group’s 2016 AGM

February 8, 2017

Representatives from the Kingaroy Concerned Citizens Group are due to meet with the Office of the Coordinator-General on Thursday (February 9) to discuss Moreton Resources’ Kingaroy coal mine project.

In a newsletter to members, the KCCG said the purpose of the meeting was for the KCCG committee to get “a direct and detailed briefing” about the mining approval process which is managed by the the Coordinator- General.

“KCCG will then update the Kingaroy community about the likely timeframe that the mine application will follow and also any new or significant points that arise from the meeting,” the newsletter says.

“Although we have some understanding about the EIS (environmental) process, many other aspects remain difficult to understand. These include a likely timeframe for all other parts of the approval process, when and how the RPIA (Regional Planning Interest Assessment) will take place etc.”

The KCCG fears that if the Moreton mine does proceed, it will be located five kilometres south of Kingaroy.

“The rail line will run from near the Kingaroy Golf Course, along Hodges Rd to near the sewerage treatment works, and then to the west of the town area to the new rail trail to Crawford, Wondai, Murgon etc,” the KCCG said.

The KCCG also said it was planning to engage with local doctors about any health impacts from the mine, and had met with Member for Nanango Deb Frecklington at the end of January.

“Deb is organising a follow up meeting with will include Andrew Cripps (Shadow Minister for Mines) who she believes has an excellent understanding of the mining approval process,” the KCCG newsletter stated.

“This subsequent meeting will be to discuss a range of policy or mining guideline options associated with the mine’s close proximity to town and it being on excellent agricultural land.

“The outcome will shape our strategy for the rest of the year as we continue to make our opposition to the mine well known at the same time as the company is seeking a joint venture partner for the project.”

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2 Responses to "KCCG To Ramp Up Campaign"

  1. Anonymous  February 9, 2017

    Supposedly the coal they’re planning on mining near Kingaroy is of such poor quality that it has to be mixed with quality coal for it to burn hot enough to be any use in power generation.

    • News Desk  February 9, 2017

      We have heard this rumour, too … but the proposed Moreton mine is adjacent to the Kunioon mine proposal and, logically, the coal would come from the same seams. The coal from Kunioon was tested at Tarong Power Station so we would be surprised if the Moreton coal would behave any differently.


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