FLASHBACK: A KCCG meeting at Kingaroy Town Hall in August drew an overwhelming vote against Moreton Resources’ proposed Kingaroy Coal Mine project

December 21, 2016

The Kingaroy Concerned Citizens Group has welcomed the inclusion of extra conditions on Moreton Resources’ proposed Kingaroy coal mine.

On Wednesday, the KCCG said the group had made 31 recommendations about the draft Terms Of Reference for the mine’s Environmental Impact Statement in a 127-page submission to the State Government, and appreciated the inclusion of some of these in the final document.

However, the KCCG believes it will need to continue campaigning for extra measures to safeguard community health.

KCCG spokesperson John Dalton said the proposed mine was upwind of Kingaroy and so close to town he thought it would be surprising if the government ever approved it.

“The probability of health impacts from dust in the air and in tank drinking water is considerable,” Mr Dalton said.

“So is the problem of having a mine with chemically unstable overburden in the town’s water supply catchment.”

The KCCG believes the mine would pose such a risk to community health that pre-mining baseline community health data should be included in the Environmental Impact Statement.

“This would be needed in the event that predicted problems with the mine lead to legal action by the local community,” Mr Dalton said.

“Pre-mining health data would be essential information to have in order to prove the anticipated health effects, and we will continue to request this be considered by government.”

Some of the measures the KCCG have asked the EIS to address include:

  1. Dust in drinking water from tanks
  2. Drying of bore water supplies
  3. Loss of valuable cropping land
  4. The stability of soils, contaminants and overburden in the Kingaroy town water catchments
  5. The quality of community engagement by the company
  6. The likely effect of the mine on property prices

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