Construction of stormwater drains and driveways on Memerambi Estate properties fronting the Bunya Highway has now been completed

September 1, 2016

The South Burnett Regional Council confirmed on Thursday that infrastructure servicing Memerambi Estate residential lots fronting the Bunya Highway reached practical completion last week.

The works, which were undertaken by Newlands Civil Construction Pty Ltd, involved earthworks, road construction and sealing, and installation of stormwater drainage.

Newlands also built a stormwater detention basin and diversion drain to control water run-off from the estate, along with sediment control devices, turfing and surface reestablishment.

The new stormwater system will put an end to long-standing drainage issues that have caused problems for some Memerambi residents since the Estate was built.

The cost of the work has been paid as part of a $2 million loan from Queensland Treasury taken out by the Council to build infrastructure that the Estate’s developer Summit View Meritor failed to install before the company was put into liquidation in September 2013.

Property owners on Memerambi Estate will repay their share of the loan as a surcharge on their rates over the next 10 years.

The Council expressed its thanks to Memerambi residents for their patience while the work of normalising the Estate was carried out.

The Estate’s stormwater drainage system will carry water along a new channel opposite the Memerambi Store, putting an end to drainage issues that have arisen since the Estate was built

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