KCCG members John Dalton, Gary Tessman and Neralie O’Sullivan are calling on the State Government to carry out comprehensive health testing of all Kingaroy residents if a proposed new coal mine near Kingaroy goes ahead (Photo: KCCG)

August 12, 2016

The Kingaroy Concerned Citizens Group (KCCG) will demand the State Government carry out health tests on all Kingaroy residents if Moreton Resources proceed with their plan to open a new coal mine near Kingaroy.

At a public meeting held at Kingaroy Town Hall on Thursday night, the KCCG warned residents about the health risks associated with coal mines and the possibilty large quantities of arsenic would leach from the Kingaroy mine site into local water supplies.

“This is not the future any of us want for Kingaroy,” KCCG spokesman John Dalton said.

The meeting, which was attended by about 650 people, provided an opportunity for concerned residents to get the latest information about the mine proposal and voice their objection to the proposed coal mine.

Mr Dalton said the mine’s location was just one of many aspects of the project that made it unsuitable for the area.

“We never want to have to prove health effects from this proposal, but if it goes ahead pre-mine health measurements are essential,” he said.

He said the pre-mining health tests should be included as part of the Environmental Impact Statement and approval process.

Moreton Resources is currently in negotiations with the Queensland Government and State Coordinator General as part of its preparations to lodge an application for a Mining Lease.

The company has previously said it hopes to begin work on the open cut coal mine in 2017.

The KCCG has also invited Minister for Natural Resources and Mines, Dr Anthony Lynham, to come to Kingaroy to see the farmland where the mine is proposed, and hear why the usual EIS requirement of measuring background dust levels would be inadequate.

They believe the mine’s proximity to Kingaroy and local water supplies indicates significant health problems are likely, so broad medical testing of local residents before any mine goes ahead would be essential.

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