An artist's impression of the final concept for the coal pit, although Moreton Resources notes further work would also be undertaken to consider the remaining resources within the region (Source: MRV)

May 23, 2016

In response to a query from the exchange, would-be miner Moreton Resources withdrew a document on Monday which it had submitted to the ASX on May 18.

This document was a summary of an update presented to the South Burnett Regional Council last Wednesday.

Moreton re-submitted a new version of the document, minus a page which had highlighted information from a pre-feasibility study for the proposed mine.

According to a statement from managing director Jason Elks, the ASX had expressed concern that certain statements made in the announcement were not consistent with new guidelines issued last month by ASIC in respect of “forward looking” statements (which now prescribes certain additional information requirements for disclosure).

“The company wishes to clarify that this was not its intention and, in an effort to avoid any potential confusion or conjecture, it withdraws the announcement and hereby substitutes it with the attached,” Mr Elks said.

[UPDATED with correction]

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