Townsville rider Jedd List and the Sunshine Coast's Keynan Rew battle it out in Heat 12 of the U16s championship ... this is how they finished on the podium later in the night

December 3, 2015

All day Saturday the clouds were splitting north and south of Kingaroy, keeping the track dry for the Queensland Junior U16 125cc Speedway Solo championship.

Practice sessions went well for the 15 riders who had come from all over Queensland to take part in the prestigious event.

Two South Burnett riders were in the mix: Cordell Rogerson, from Coolabunia; and Kyle Tessmann, from Kingaroy.

The storms continued to hang off as the afternoon progressed, but as the clouds became darker and darker, officials from the Kingaroy Junior Motorcycle Speedway Club – who were hosting the event for the first time – brought the race start time forward in the hope that all heats could be completed before the storm broke.

Officials and competitors moved through the planned 32-event card with great efficiency, with barely a break between heats.

But the club’s luck was destined to run out and the night was called off at the end of Round 3 after 18 events had been raced – a mixture of U16s heats and support events, including Pee Wees who were a big favourite with the crowd.

Event organisers would have been happy with the quality of the racing but were probably disappointed with the attendance figures, with the threatening storm obviously keeping many people away.

Junior U16 Final Results:

1. Jedd List
2. Keynan Rew
3. Cordell Rogerson & Broc Hall
4. Jack Miles & Flynn Nicol

  • More photographs from the night are available on the Denise Keelan Photography website
The U16s podium ... 1st Jedd List, 2nd Keynan Rew, equal 3rd, Cordell Rogerson and Broc Hall, and equal 4th Jack Miles and Flynn Nicol (Photo: Denise Keelan Photography)
Local hero Cordell Rogerson leads Bailey Viner into a corner in Heat 3 of the U16s championship
Eventual title winner Jedd List and runner-up Keynan Rew race handlebar-to-handlebar in Heat 12
U16s riders line up at the start of Heat 6 ... from left, Tate Zischke, Jack Hall, Cordell Rogerson and Jacob Hook
Bailey Viner sends the dust flying in Heat 3 of the U16s championship
Riders launch from the line at the start of Heat 5 of the U16s Championship ... from left, Bailey Viner, Kingaroy rider Kyle Tessmann, Jack Miles and Joshua Beetham
The Pee Wee races, which were interspersed between the U16s heats, were a crowd favourite

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