Sr Philomene Tiernan paying her respects at the grave of Patrick Tiernan during the Dodewaard commemorations (Photo: Leo Geraghty)
Sr Philomene Tiernan ... on board doomed Malaysian flight
(Photo: Julia Charles)

June 26, 2015

The heartbreak for the Tiernan family is continuing with thieves stealing personal items which belonged to Sr Philomene Tiernan who was killed in last year’s MH17 plane disaster.

The Catholic nun, who was born in Murgon, was returning to Australia after attending the memorial activities for Patrick Tiernan at Dodewaard when her Malaysian Airlines flight was shot down over Ukraine on July 18 last year.

AAP reported today that thieves have now stolen personal items from Sr Philomene which had been recovered from the crash site and returned to relatives in Melbourne.

The break-in occurred between June 13-18.

The items stolen include religious items and jewellery that Sr Philomene always carried.

Police said they were recovered from the crash site and returned to her sister by Malaysian Airlines just a few months ago.

“These items are priceless in the eyes of this poor family but would mean almost nothing to the offenders,” Detective Senior Constable Andrew Luke told AAP.

“It’s heartbreaking for this family to have to go through something like this and now suffer even more.”

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