Volunteer Of The Year nominee Ray Wilton
Robyn Peterson and Daun Clapperton

January 26, 2015

The South Burnett Volunteer Of The Year Australia Day Award recognises an individual or individuals who have made an outstanding contribution to the local community over a number of years through volunteering activities.

In 2015, the nominees were:

  • Raymond ‘Ray’ Wilton
    • Past president and member of the Kingaroy Lions Club for 31 years
    • Previous Booth Director, Assistant Rodeo Security Officer and Publicity Officer for Kingaroy Rodeo
    • Volunteered for The South Burnett Pantry for two years
    • South Burnet Events Committee member and treasurer of the Wine and Food in the Park Festival for 13 years
    • Secretary/Treasurer and committee member of Motors In Motion, and prior to that was treasurer for the Peanut Festival Committee
  • Margaret Shepherson
    • Conductor/Director of the South Burnett Chorale Society
    • Conductor/Director of the Nanango Adult Choir and Nanango Children’s Choir
    • Funeral co-ordinator and organist for the Nanango catholic Church
    • Liturgical co-ordinarier for the Nanango Catholic Parish and North Country Deanery
    • Archdiocesan Committee country representative
    • Singer and singing teacher for Combined Town Christmas Carols
  • Priscilla Gash
    • Member of the Australian Breastfeeding Association
    • Restarted and hosted the Kingaroy Australian Breastfeeding Association
    • Qualified breastfeeding counsellor
    • Works volunteer shifts for the Australian Breastfeeding Associations National Helpline
Maxine Whitbread
  • Maxine Whitbread
    • President of the Nanango and District Kindergarten committee
    • Managed countless fundraising activities and events
    • Set up Facebook page for the kindy
    • Applied for multiple grants
    • Assisted in keeping the kindy going when funding was reduced
  • Errol and Colleen Harch
    • Between them both have contributed on average 4000 voluntary hours per year to the South Burnett Senior Citizens Welfare Association (SB Care)
    • Errol has been treasurer for the past three years
    • Some of the duties undertaken include cleaning of respite units, administration, budget support, archiving, lawn mowing and training new staff
    • Inspire and support staff and clients
  • Daun Clapperton and Robyn Peterson
    • Currently working on the World War I research project ‘Every Man Remembered- South Burnett Heroes’
    • Involved in specialised history projects including the documentation of Nanango, Booie, Blackbutt and Charlestown cemeteries
    • Researched information pertaining to World War II names listed on the Nanango monument, obtaining certificates for each name
    • Assist the community in accruing Anzac records
  • Del Blanch
    • President and treasurer of the Proston Lions Club
    • Secretary and treasurer of the Sports Ground Committee
    • Secretary and treasurer for the Proston Show Society
    • Manages the catering for the annual fishing competition at Boondooma Dam
    • Assists in the success of the annual Proston Agricultural Show

Winner: Del Blanch

Del Blanch has been an outstanding example of a hardworking volunteer within the Proston community for many years.

Her passion for serving her community began during her children’s school years, volunteering within the school network and taking on secretary and treasurer roles for the Pony Club and Golf Club.

Del’s dedication, hard work and commitment to volunteering within the community have remained.

In recent years Del has been the secretary and treasurer of the Sports Ground Committee, secretary and treasurer for the Show Society and a member of the Ladies Committee for 16 years. She has also been described a driving force behind the Proston Show Society.

Del supported the Proston Lions Club’s fundraising activities with her husband since 1981, and when changes welcomed female members Del also joined. She has now been a member for 8 years and has taken on roles of president and treasurer.

Del’s peers have described her as a hardworking, diligent worker that will always be first in when there is a need within the Proston community.

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