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$80m Needed For New Hospital

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QAS Commissioner Russell Bowles, Member for Nanango Deb Frecklington and Health Minister Lawrence Springborg at Kingaroy Hospital on Thursday

September 18, 2014

A new Kingaroy Hospital is still a key priority for the State Government, but it’s just a matter of finding the $70-$80 million necessary to get the job done.

Health Minister Lawrence Springborg confirmed on Thursday that “nothing had changed” in regards to the priority of the project.

“The Hospital Board has made clear it is the key priority for the Darling Downs, and (local MP) Deb Frecklington has been stridently bringing it to our attention,” Mr Springborg said.

“We will do it, when we can do it.”

A new Kingaroy Hospital has previously been linked by Treasurer Tim Nicholls to the “Strong Choices Investment Program”, projected funds which would be freed up by the sale (or now lease) of government assets such as Stanwell.

Minister Springborg toured the Kingaroy Hospital with Mrs Frecklington and Queensland Ambulance Commissioner Russell Bowles.

The trio chatted with staff and also met up with newly recruited Physician Assistant David Ashard, from Cherbourg Hospital.

David is one of Queensland’s first Physician Assistants.  PAs are members of a clinical team who are educated at a medical school to work under supervision of a registered medical practitioner.

Cherbourg Hospital previously took part in a trial of the concept, but this is the first time a PA has worked as a part of the team outside of the trial.

“Changes to regulations came into effect late last year that have enabled Physician Assistants to safely work across their full scope of practice in Queensland,” Mr Springborg said.

“In Queensland public hospitals, PAs can prescribe medication and order pathology tests and x-rays.”

The group then travelled to the new Kingaroy Ambulance Station, which was officially opened in March, to talk to local paramedics and present badges to long-serving members of the Local Ambulance Committee.

Mr Springborg and Mr Bowles presented badges to Kingaroy LAC president John Box, secretary Chris Box and long-serving member Liz Bruce.

The Minister also dropped into the Nanango and Yarraman ambulance stations as part of his visit to the South Burnett.

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Health Minister Lawrence Springborg with newly appointed Physician Assistant David Ashard
(Photo: DDHHS)

Member for Nanango Deb Frecklington, Health Minister Lawrence Springborg and QAS Commissioner Russell Bowles, right, with LAC Medal recipients Liz Bruce, Chris Box and John Box

Some of the paramedics at the Minister's visit in Kingaroy ... from left, David Bruce, Adam Flory, Daniel Brownsey, Colleen Brownsey, Christopher Shaw and Justin Salomon


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  1. Pete Ward

    Why build a new hospital when it’s more important to hold and help pay the $400 mil for a conference where all people do is wear funny shirts, have their pics taken and lie to each other. It’s easy to find the $ when it’s for ego stroking or swilling from the trough but for hospitals all we get are photos and talk.