Zahra Chamberlain and Zahra the dingo pup … raising awareness and raising funds

September 5, 2014

Durong’s Dingo Simon has found a most unlikely advocate in his bid to raise funds for his Dingo Sanctuary.

Zahra Chamberlain, 18, half-sister of baby Azaria who tragically lost her life in a dingo attack near Uluru in August 1980, has set up a crowd-funding site in a bid to help Simon raise the $8000 necessary to build new fences at the sanctuary.

The GoFundMe page has already attracted donations of more than $2200.

Her family’s tragedy occurred long before she was born but has still has cast a shadow over Zahra’s life.

But that hasn’t stopped her from twice coming up to Durong to visit the Dingo Sanctuary and to get to know the animals.

Earlier this year, one of Simon’s dingoes unexpectedly gave birth to four pups – three of which have since found new homes.

The fourth pup, Simon decided to name after Zahra.

He wants to keep this animal but has to meet strict conditions set by Biosecurity Queensland, hence the rush to raise funds.

As well as launching the fundraising page, Zahra Chamberlain has also been raising awareness about the plight of dingoes; she was recently flown back to Durong by a TV film crew for a special interview.

And Zahra (the pup) has also been raising awareness. She recently visited The Ration Shed at Cherbourg for a NAIDOC celebration with Cherbourg State School students, and has a visit planned for today (Friday) at Wooroolin State School.

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Update – Dingo Simon at Wooroolin State School today:

Wooroolin State School captain Keenan Jones with Dingo Simon, Zahra and Honey
Wooroolin State School students Jacqui Young, Dylan Lane, Greg Lumb, Keenan Jones, Olivia McLeod, Karl Schick and Riley Wilkinson with Dingo Simon, Honey and Zahra 

UPDATE September 6: Channel 10 has begun promoting an interview with Zahra which will be shown on The Project on Tuesday night (September 9) at 6:30pm


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  1. Good work Simon and Zahra. BioSecurity QLD is out of touch and needs to update their middle-ages approach to our native dingo, an internationally declared threatened species. People working towards conservation of our iconic dingo should be helped, not hindered.

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