Jesse Barnes, from Blackbutt, models one of the handmade helmets
George Ward, from Nanango, begins the shaping process 

July 21, 2013

Nanango Art Society are gearing up – literally – for their upcoming Medieval Fun Day.

The Winds of Change Art Gallery in George Street, Nanango, has been hosting a number of medieval-themed workshops in the lead-up to the big day on August 10.

There’s been mosaics, pottery and silversmithing … but more to the point, there also’s been some medievel fighting gear taking shape.

First there was chain maille and now after a recent workshop, there won’t be any shortage of helmets for aspiring knights to be wearing.

A local armorer led a group of would-be helmet makers through the basics of the ancient craft.

The Nanango Art Society’s Medieval Month is running during July and August.

The events will culminate in a Medieval Fun Day on August 10 which will run from 9:00am to 3:00pm and include displays from the Society for Creative Anachronism from Toowoomba and a viking re-enactment troupe.

There’ll also be archery, rapier and “heavy” fighters, jousting, market and food stalls and a fashion parade.

Entry is free.

The fun day will be topped off by a fancy dress medieval banquet in Taras Hall at Nanango RSL.

Tickets are being pre-sold and must be booked by July 27 (or until they’re sold out).  For more information, phone  0409-060-315.

The gallery is also raffling a medieval-style dining room setting complete with a table, two benches and a King’s chair and Queen’s chair. Tickets are $2 each and are available at the gallery.

  • For more information about any of these activities, contact the Nanango Art Society by email
Nicholas Downing, from Nanango, and Julia Shaw, from the Winds of Change Gallery 
Hammering away were Karl Rossi, from Nanango, and Jesse Barnes, from Blackbutt

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