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Emelda Davis, from production company "Independent And General", is the senior producer of the National Indigenous Ear Health Campaign

Cherbourg State School Deputy principal Bevan Costello and 4UM announcer Chrissy Bond

May 3, 2013

Cherbourg radio station 4UM (Us Mob) is stretching its reach, branching out into video production.

The station team has released its first DVD film, “Ears For Us Mob”, which is a 15-minute health awareness film about ear health.

It was filmed by US Mob’s Andrew Beckett and Jeanette Brown with assistance from Emelda Davis from a Sydney production company.

“Everything was shot locally,” Andrew said.

The film explains otitis media, or “glue ear”, a condition which can lead to permanent hearing loss.

Copies of the  DVD will be distributed to every household in Cherbourg and also all local health services.

“Ears For Us Mob” is the first project for the film division of the Cherbourg Aboriginal Multimedia and Resource Association Inc (CAMRA), the operators of 4UM.

It was released at an official launch held recently at Cherbourg’s Ration Shed.

Schoolchildren danced to entertain the crowd before the premiere screening.

* * *

For more information about otitis media see, the Care For Kids Ears website

Symptoms can include babies waking in pain, fever, obvious ear infections or children not being able to speak properly, speaking loudly or asking people to repeat themselves often, constantly turning the TV up or not hearing their parents’ instructions.

Cherbourg’s Ear Health co-ordinator Cecil Brown said 87 per cent of Cherbourg children checked in 2005 had otitis media or hearing problems.

But the condition has reduced significantly over the past seven years with the start a Healthy Ears program which checks children in March and October each year.

“It’s now down to about 55 per cent,” Mr Brown said. “But parents shouldn’t wait for the van to have their children’s hearing checked if they believe there could be a problem. They need to see their doctor or health care worker straight away.”

Jeanette Brown and Andrew Beckett ... managed and directed the project

Aunty Lillian Gray, community health worker Cecil Brown and Cherbourg Mayor Ken Bone

Joan Alberts with Eleazar, 4 months ... learning all about otitis media at the DVD launch

Some of the young dancers ... Kirsten Bird 7; Katie Langton, 7; Doreen Watcho, 8; Quiytina Murray 9; and Jakada Gadd, 9

And some more ... Tyreese Gyemore, 12; Gordon Landers, 9; Alex Georgetown, 11; and Gordon Warner, 12

* * *

Coincidentally, the Cherbourg MoJos (mobile journalists) have also done a video story on ear health:

Mobile Ear Health by Shayah Watson

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