February 4, 2013

The South Burnett Regional Council is considering introducing a kerbside recycling scheme as part of the development of a Strategic Waste Plan.

At present only Nanango has a bin which enables the collection of household waste in one part of the bin and recyclable waste in the other.

However Mayor Wayne Kratzmann said that while this system was of some benefit it did cause problems in that the recyclable rubbish was sometimes contaminated by the household waste.

Portfolio spokesperson Cr Cheryl Dalton said kerbside pick-ups would come at a cost to council but “it is now common practice and is an expectation of the community”.

She said community consultation would take place on this issue before a final decision was made, and if introduced, every endeavour would be made to minimise cost.

The Nanango recycling scheme does not cover its costs, which is an issue, but another issue to be considered was the impact of recyclables on council’s landfill sites

Due to its bulk, recyclable waste is filling up landfills faster than desired and this will cause other costs to be incurred such as early closure of landfills and the need to establish new sites.

“Closing sites and opening new ones is an expensive exercise and as such every way of reducing the volume put into current sites should be considered,” Cr Dalton said.

“One is recyclables which accounts for about 50 per cent of the waste of each household and this can be transported elsewhere to be reused.”

Deputy Mayor Keith Campbell said recycling was now part of most communities and council would need to give it careful consideration during Budget discussions.

He said that we should leave the earth in as good, if not better shape, than we inherited from those before us.

“Our children and grandchildren deserve nothing less,” he said.

Mayor Kratzmann said the new Strategic Waste Plan would map out all aspects of waste and its costs for the next 25 years.

“This includes both the best ways to collect waste and dispose of it in an environmentally and economically responsible manner,” he said.

Council will make a final decision on recycling bins during Budget discussions.

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