Ergon Energy crews are on alert for possible storm damage this weekend

January 24, 2013

Ergon crews are on standby in the Wide Bay region to respond to any possible impacts from the wet weather forecast across southern Queensland this weekend.

With the possibility of up to 400mm of rain forecast for the region over the long weekend, Ergon has reminded customers that preparation is the key to a stress-free summer season.

“Ergon is well-prepared to respond if there are impacts on the network. Our message to customers is to make a similar resolution in terms of summer preparation,” General Manager Service Delivery Southern Paul Jordon said.

“Our crews are ready 24/7, 365 days a year to deliver safe restoration if or where it is needed, but we all have to work together during storm season.”

Ergon advises residents to have an emergency kit – including torch, battery-operated radio and first aid kit – ready in case power goes out for an extended period.

“If you see damage to the electricity network, keep yourself and others well away and report it to Ergon on 13-22-96 immediately,” Mr Jordon advised.

“Should there be ‘brown-out’ conditions (lights dimming or flickering), unplug appliances – particularly sensitive electronic devices – as soon as possible,” he said.

Ergon advises unplugging all sensitive electronic devices, including televisions, during any approaching storm activity.

Mr Jordan also urged residents to clean up loose items in their yards.

Loose items being blown into the electricity network can create a problem for Ergon.

“Now is a good time to clear away loose items in your yard and around work sites,” he said.

“There have been at least two cases of items blown into the network in South West and Far North Queensland in the last two weeks causing significant power interruptions, so the danger is real.”

A trampoline is believed to have been blown into powerlines in Cairns last night, while parts of an unsecured garden shed impacted on power south of Toowoomba last week.

“Localised flooding is also a very real possibility at this time of year and we would urge parents to keep children away from flood water,” Mr Jordon said.

“Among other dangers, there could be fallen powerlines in flood waters.

“Talk to your kids about how important it is to stay away from fallen powerlines and be sure to involve them in your storm and flood season preparations.”

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