Josh and Danni Wicks with friend Johnno Raffin … looking forward to a huge weekend of speedway 

January 21, 2013

Speedway is a real family affair if nominations for this weekend’s massive three days of racing in Kingaroy are any indication … there’s at least a dozen families who’ll be testing each other out on the track.

There’s multiple members of the iconic South Burnett Barbeler and Barron speedway families, as well as brothers and sister Aidan, Mark and Jessica Raymont, father and son team Quinton and Max Clarke, and brothers Jaymee and Michael Budgen, to name just a few.

But no one is looking forward to the racing more than the Wicks family … young Josh is making his Modified Productions debut in the prestigious Kings Royal event in his brand new Holden VS Commodore.  Months of preparation have gone into the car.

And sister Danni is racing in the street sedans alongside parents Laurie and Shane.

Speedway fans are in for a real treat this long weekend.

The Hams Crane Hire Kings Royal is the richest Modified Production race in Australia and drivers are coming from all over Australia to compete for the $10,000 prize.

Fifteen local drivers – believed to be a South Burnett club record – will be competing against the absolute best in Australia.

A record size field of 86 drivers has nominated for the Kings Royal, including current champions and former national and State champions.

The action kicks off with hot laps on Friday afternoon at 4:00pm with time trials getting underway about 5:30pm. Racing heats should start between 7:00pm and 7:30pm.

The Saturday and Sunday night programs will begin at 5:00pm.

After three nights of competition and the 50-lap feature race, the Kings Royal winner will be presented with a crown, a trophy, a cheque for $10,000 and a Perpetual Chain.

Junior Sedans will also be racing on Friday and Saturday in the inaugural South Burnett Junior Nationals. They’ll contest four rounds of heats, two dash events and then the top 20 drivers will battle it out in the 25-lap South Burnett Junior Nationals feature race.

Street Sedans will be racing on the third night (Sunday).

Discounted three-day passes will be available at the gate; for more information see the South Burnett Speedway website.

Sponsors for the event are: Hams Crane Hire, The Shock Shack, American Racing Tyre Services, Ash Media, Wild Desert Oil & Gas Field Services, Kingaroy Concrete Pumping, Toowoomba Jewellers, Channel 7, Fusion Graphix and Kingaroy Equipment Sales.


Hams Crane Hire Kings Royal (86 entrants)
Darren Baldwin, David Barbeler, Michelle Barbeler, Nathan Barbeler, Ashley Barron, Brett Barron, Travis Barron, Brett Baxter, Brendon Bayfield, Jason Beer, Jeremy Beer, John Benson (Vic), Shannon Blackburn, Steve Blackburn, Jason Boss, Jaymee Budgen, Michael Budgen, Mark Carlin (Vic), Brody Chrystie (Vic), Darren Ciesiolka, Max Clarke (NSW), Quinton Clarke (NSW), Johnno Collins, Tony Coomber, Shaun Coutts, Benny Cross, Shane Dennis, Warren Dhu (NSW), Todd Doyle, Steve Downes (NSW), Daniel Evans, Mark Ferguson, Wayne Fischer, Gavin Fletcher, Craig Franz, Bryan Galley (Vic), Ian Galvin, Tony Gaunt, Stephen Geritz, Lucas Gibson, Wayne Gilroy, Peter Gray, Andrew Harper, Russell Harris, Chris Hams, Kane Heidke, Luke Hollyman, TJ Horne, Brendan Hucker (Vic), Trent Humphries, Dan Hurt, David Jacobi, Steve Janson, Brad Jennings, Tegan Jennings, Jason Jolley (NSW), Neil Klien, Kerry Lack, Gavin Lorensen, Trevor Mills (Vic), Alan Murphy, Glenn Pagel, Nathan MacDonald, Shane MacDonald, Allan Nash, Mal Pahl, Rodney Pammenter, Jarrod Peacock, Darren Pearson, Chris Pendry, Aidan Raymont, Jessica Raymont, Mark Raymont, Brad Scorgie, Dennis Shallcross, Brad Stein, Adrian Stott, Matt Swarbrooke, Joel Thomas, Brody Thomsen, Robert Trapp, Lee Volk, Darren White, Josh Wicks, Greg Worling (NSW) and Steven Zahl.

Junior Sedans
Kingaroy Concrete Pumping South Burnett Junior Nationals (34 entrants)

Carter Armstrong, Brock Atkins (Vic), Brandon Atto, Joseph Baronet (NT), Jacob Belcher (NT), Joel Berkley, Patrick Brennan, Vicki Canfield, Lance Carew (NT), Brooke Collins, Matthew Deen, Steve English, Brooke Etherden, Aimee Gibson, Casey Hills (NT), Damon Johnston, Daniel Johnston, Hayden Jones, Dylan Keen, James Kennedy, Thomas Kreeft, Brendan Learoyd, Michael Learoyd, Nic Moncrieff, Ryan Morris, Mitchell Pammenter, Jayden Peacock, Terri-Anne Rowe, Josh Schultz, Matt Smith, Madalyn Wallace, Kye Walters (Vic), Jordan Wilson and Brendan Webber.

Street Sedans – (21 entrants)
Greg Akers, Steve Akers, John Alcock, Josh Arthur, Russell Cowley, Josh Harm, Gary Harris, Jason Herwig, Brad Hoadley, Len Klein, Phil Louis, Max Marshall, Brendan O’Gorman, Kent Shelford, Ben Stead, Steve Thomsen, Danni Wicks, Laurie Wicks, Shane Wicks, Moz Woodrow and Richie Woodrow

[Photo: Burnett Mechanical]

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